Get unique Henna tattoo designs with Henna Stencils

Get unique Henna tattoo designs with Henna Stencils

Whether it’s your summer beach time, wedding season, or a spring hang out with friends, a Henna Tattoo Kit is the must-have accessory. If you don’t have much henna experience or drawing skills, our adhesive henna stencils let you make beautiful henna hand tattoos in just a few minutes.

What is a Henna Stencil?

A henna stencil is an adhesive sticker that helps you fill in the design right onto your skin. The henna hand stencil is easy to use and simplifies the process of applying the henna design to your skin. Our Mihenna henna stencils come in six different styles: traditional, floral, geometric, rings, modern, and mandala. Find the one that perfectly suits your taste and occasion.

If you are using a henna cone for the first time, don’t forget to try our henna powder kit. Learn how to create the perfect henna paste yourself using the kit. If you know what you like and how you want to look, build your own henna tattoo kit with stencils.

Is Henna safe for the skin?

Pure Henna, which is derived from plants, is safe for skin and hair. The henna powders with added chemicals may cause allergic reactions when applied to the skin. At Mihenna, we believe in providing breathtaking henna designs while keeping your skin safe. Our Mihenna products are 100% organic, chemical-free, and vegan to make henna tattoo designs safe for all skin types. Check out our article on how to tell if Henna is safe and what henna powders are unsafe for the skin.

Which stencil should you use?

There’s so many designs in our different styles available, you’re sure to find just what you want. Let’s get to know some of our favorite Mihenna sticker stencils!

Sabrina Henna Design Stencil

Sabrina Henna Design Stencil
Snakes in mythology resemble healing and immortality with their ability to shed the skin and start a new life. Embrace the great power of snakes using the Sabrina hand henna stencil. Here it’s paired with our Starry Eyes henna stencil for an extra punch of power to protect against the evil eye. This tattoo design is fated to go perfectly with your Solstice outfit.


Phoenix Henna Tattoo Stencil

Phoenix Henna Tattoo Stencil

Every time you face a downfall in life, our Mihenna’s Phoenix Henna tattoo design cheers you to gather courage and start a new beginning. Rise from the ashes like a phoenix and send positive vibes wherever you go with the flowy lines of this tattoo wrapped gracefully around your wrist. Without being an art expert, create yourself appealing designs with our Phoenix henna tattoo stencils
Fantastic Fauzie Henna Stencil

Fantastic Fauzie Henna Stencil

Unlike others, geometric designs can be placed anywhere you want. When you feel detached or lost your way, apply this design to symbolically re-establish the connection with Mother Earth and find your inner peace. This henna tattoo design for hands compliments your traditional wear and also offers a trendy style to modern outfits. The Fauzie henna stencil makes it quick and easy to apply henna to your hands.


Flower Power Henna Stencil

Flower Power Henna Stencil

Let these tiny flowers sit on your hand and hundreds of such flowers unite to symbolize the power to overcome any kind of obstacle in life. Spread peace and love with these floral arts. The application of henna is made easy with the henna stencils. With this Flower Power Henna Stencil, applying henna is never this entertaining before.


 Simple henna tattoo designs for hands

Simple henna tattoo designs for hands

Take a day to appreciate your beautiful fingers with these ring henna designs. If you want a simple hand henna tattoo for a quick hangout, use our Aria henna stencil to get it done in a few minutes. These minute structures aesthetically curl up around your hand and lock the attention of people around you. Get started by attaching the stencil at perfect placements and spreading the henna paste evenly over the stencil. Let it dry for two-twelve hours. When you wash it off, witness the glamourizing and ornamental designs on your hands.


Magnificent Mandala Hand Designs

If you want to try a classic hand henna tattoo, the Mandala tattoo is a real piece of artwork. Mandala art has paramount significance in various cultures worldwide. Symbolizing eternity and unity, the Mandala tattoos have gained so much popularity worldwide. Regardless of where it is placed, the beautiful arrangement of geometric shapes adorns your body. Read more about the Mandala designs in our article.

As mandala art contains multiple layers of circles drawn in harmony, it can be tricky for you to draw a free-hand mandala hand henna tattoo without much experience. But we won’t let that stop you. Our Mihenna provides Mandala hand tattoo stencils to help you easily trace any kind of complex design on your hand within a few steps.

How to use a henna stencil?

Though applying a henna design looks easy, one wrong move can turn your beautiful design into an ugly mess. Minimize the chances of messing up and get perfect henna designs instantly with our henna stencils. Whether you are applying free-hand henna or using a henna stencil, make sure to follow the below instructions:

  • Do a patch test on your skin before applying the design. If you feel irritation or burning sensation after applying the paste, wash it off immediately and avoid using it further.
  • Never apply henna if you underwent waxing on your hands or legs. Wait for a day or two till the pores are closed as the chemicals of henna might enter the open pores and cause skin damage.
  • You should observe that Henna imparts different colors on different skin. While it appears brightest on the palms, henna on the backhand is much lighter relatively.

The Procedure

  1. Clean and dry your hands thoroughly.
  2. Remove the adhesive layer of the stencil and carefully attach it to your skin without any folds or wrinkles.
  3. Now, spread the henna paste carefully along the lines and holes.
  4. Let it dry for two - twelve hours (depending on how dark you want the color).
  5. Remove the stencil and wipe off the henna paste along with the adhesive sticker. The beautiful design is now ready for your hands.

What we love about our henna stencils is that you can trim down or combine different stencils to get stylish and unique designs on your hands. Check out our blog on suggestions for how to mix and match your henna stencils.

The henna tattoo color reaches its full intensity within 48 hours after application. If you want to have a longer-lasting henna tattoo, we recommend moisturizing the hennaed hands frequently. Use our organic coconut oil to deeply moisturize your skin and protect your henna tattoo from water every time you shower.

If you have any questions on the henna cones or henna powder application, feel free to connect with us through our Contact Us page. We are always ready to help you.

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