Phoenix Henna Stencil


Rise from the ashes with the Phoenix Stencil to celebrate your triumphant rebirth and new life! Our sticker stencils let you take ownership of your own body art with our DIY henna designs. You don't need any previous experience in the art of henna. You become the creator, just as you are the master of your own destiny. Mihenna is here to cheer you on as you take flight into the new world you build for yourself.

Making a statement with DIY henna designs is the best way to start off your reinvented life. The Phoenix Stencil yields a masterful creation you can wear with pride. Trim the stencil to the appropriate size and press firmly to your skin. Apply the henna paste in a even coat over the top. Peel back the sticker and allow your newly created Phoenix henna tattoo help you soar to great heights.

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