Mix n Match Your Henna Designs

Combine Our Sticker Stencils for a Unique DIY Henna Tattoo

Of the many, many reasons to love Mihenna’s sticker stencils (easy! fun! trendy!), one of our favorite features is how versatile they are. There’s so much more than meets the eye when you add your creativity and personal style to our DIY henna tattoo designs. We love seeing the way you mix and match our stencils together to create something new and uniquely you. 

Trimming Down

Cut Apart Our Henna Sticker Stencils

Our henna sticker stencils are made to be cut apart and down to size. First select where you want to place the henna tattoo and then use scissors to cut the stencil to fit. Peel off the backing and position the adhesive side exactly how you envision. Once you’ve stuck the stencil, you can coat it in henna without worrying about design - the stencil does all the work!

The next steps to achieve a flawless, totally unique henna tattoo are easy with Mihenna. Check out our How to Apply page for detailed instructions and a few pro tips to take it to the next level. For even more know-how, you can check out our videos on YouTube to see exactly how the stencils and henna paste work together to create a perfect henna tattoo.

Reshaping the Stars

Redesigning the Stellar DIY Henna Stencil

While you’re trimming down, don’t be afraid to keep right on cutting away. You can make new shapes and angles out of the design and apply the stencil to your skin in any direction that you want. The Stellar henna stencil doesn’t have to be only a bangle design wrapping around your wrist or ankle. You can re-imagine it into an entire constellation of your own!

Redesigning the stencil into a whole, new henna tattoo opens up a world of possibility that we at Mihenna never even imagined for our designs. We need your insight to see body art in a whole new light. Tag us on Instagram when you come up with new ways to wear our henna stencils. We would love to see what you have created!

Coming Together

Combining Two DIY Henna Designs

Henna tattoos are better together! If you have ever put together a summer outfit, then you’ve got an eye for complementary pieces. Put that great taste to work for your henna tattoo and integrate your favorite henna stencils together. The Right Direction henna stencil can go in both directions around the Blossoming Flower temporary tattoo from our Truth henna stencil.

There are so many combination options within our stencil collection. We can’t even begin to come up with all looks possible. We would love to see the perfect pairing that only you can create. Share a picture of your customized henna tattoo with us on Facebook so we can get inspired by your creativity.

Double Trouble

Double Up On DIY Henna Tattoos

If you are very careful when peeling off the stencil after your first use, you can apply a matching henna tattoo with the same stencil. Who doesn’t love a two for one deal! When duplicated, the mandala from our Camellia henna stencil forms an extra large rib henna tattoo to show off in a cute crop top.

Your own version of a doubled henna design should be the only thing causing good trouble. If you run into any questions while shopping our store, reach out to us on our Contact page, and we’ll be more than happy to help. At Mihenna, we’re here to make sure that everything you envision for your henna tattoo comes true!

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