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Create darker temporary tattoos that are natural and safe for your skin.

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Welcome to Mihenna's world of beauty, creativity & well-being. Explore our latest Jagua collection, featuring Jagua powder, Jagua gel, and a complete Jagua tattoo kit.

Jagua, renowned for producing realistic black tattoos, emerges as a promising alternative to conventional chemicals & dyes. We responsibly source and process our Jagua powder from the Genipa Americana fruit native to Colombia.

The fruit is meticulously dried and crushed to create Jagua powder, which has applications in the cosmetic industry. For producing Jagua gel, the organic Jagua powder is mixed with Xanthan gum, organic essential oils, Isopropyl alcohol, & distilled H2O (water) to produce fresh Jagua gel. When applied to the skin, the Jagua gel produces bold & captivating black temporary tattoos. 

Enjoy the vibrant tattoos for up to two weeks, allowing you to try new designs every month. Pure and chemical-free, Mihenna’s Jagua is inherently gentle on the skin, ensuring a safe temporary tattoo experience—though we recommend an allergy test for those with tropical fruit allergies.

Our user-friendly stencils, which you receive as a part of the Jagua tattoo kit, make tattooing a breeze, enabling you to recreate intricate designs effortlessly. Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned enthusiast, our Jagua temporary tattoo kit provides all the essentials for easily creating striking black realistic tattoos for any occasion.

Why Buy Jagua 

  • Be festive-ready with bold & realistic Jagua tattoos.
  • Inspire creativity in kids with engaging DIY projects. 
  • Create body art worry-free with organic, chemical-free & cruelty-free Jagua powder.
  • Made with sustainable practices - Good for you and the planet. 
  • Perfect quality family bonding time with our comprehensive Jagua kit.


For added safety, conducting a patch test before applying Jagua entirely is recommended. Our Jagua products are cruelty-free and haven’t undergone animal testing. Thus, keep your pets out of the reach of jagua. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A Jagua temporary tattoo lasts for one to two weeks with diligent care. However, the longevity & vibrancy of the tattoos depends on factors such as the tattoo quality, the area of application, exposure to UV rays and harsh chemicals, aftercare routines, exfoliation practices, and more.

Our Jagua tattoo is made from organic Jagua powder & sourced directly from the plant. While generally safe on the skin, individuals with tropical fruit allergies might experience allergic reactions upon contact with Jagua. 

For those who are allergic, it's advisable to avoid using Jagua. We recommend a patch test for a safe and pleasant tattoo experience.

Like any organic ingredient, Jagua naturally breaks down over time. However, you can prolong the stain quality of Jagua tattoos by freezing the Jagua products in a refrigerator. Vacuum-sealed Jagua powder can remain viable for up to one year. On the other hand, Jagua gel can be frozen vacuum-sealed for up to three months after use.

Although no health risks are associated with expired Jagua, it may diminish the effectiveness of the stains.

Stay calm! The initial appearance of a Jagua temporary tattoo is typically very light, almost like a shadow on your skin. Allow 24 to 48 hours for it to develop into its full and deeper color. While Jagua ink is known for producing deep blue/black temporary but realistic tattoos, Please understand that the intensity of the stain typically depends upon your skin type & the location of the application.

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