• USDA Organic Henna Powder
  • Image Text: Organic henna powder. No chemicals added. Made in small batches. Vegan & cruelty free.
  • Image text: 100% organic henna powder. Improves hair's shine and strength.
  • Image text: How to use. Follow these 3 easy steps. Add henna powder to bowl and pour in warm water. Mix until all lumps are gone and pudding-like consistency is reached. Wait 8 hours then transfer into a carrot bag for hair application.
  • Image text: long-last color. no chemicals, naturally derived from henna plant leaves.
  • Image description: Young woman applies organic henna paste to her hair. Hair is piled in a bun atop her head and thickly coated in henna.
  • Image description: young woman combs newly henna-dyed hair. Highlights of red come through her natural brunette color.
  • Image text: Mihenna powder fans. Image description: collage of young women showing off henna-dyed hair.

Henna Hair Dye USDA Certified Organic

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100 grams of pure, organic henna powder for hair.

Our Henna hair dye is USDA-certified organic for the safest hair dye experience on the market. With no hidden additives or chemicals, all of our products meet body art quality (BAQ) standards so your scalp and hair stay safe as you upgrade your color. Our Rajasthani henna leaves have been finely crushed and triple sifted for a smooth application on to your hair and long-lasting color. Henna hair dye is the organic way to keep your locks luscious and healthy while bringing a red highlight to your natural color. 

The darker your hair color, the darker the henna red will be. Those with lighter hair can deepen the color by adding coffee or black tea to their henna hair dye. Before full application, test the henna on a small strandAdjust your mixture and dye time until desired color is achieved.

For more details on mixing and applying henna hair dye, check out our blog post Henna for Hair - and don't forget about the brows!


Download Henna Powder Instructions Card