Pearl Henna Stencil


Jackie Kennedy once said, "Pearls are always appropriate," and we agree! Pearls are nature's example of the simple beauty that results from overcoming hardship or frustration in your life. You can work hard to turn something unpleasant into a work of art. What better way to celebrate your triumph than with a back hand henna stencil. Mihenna's Pearl Stencil is a unique, jewelry-inspired henna design that showcases your success after tribulation.

To get this always in-style look, follow these little pearls of wisdom. Cut out the back hand henna stencil as needed and press firmly to stick where you would like the design. Cover the stencil with an even coat of henna paste and allow to dry for two to twelve hours. Peel back the sticker when you are ready, and you have a new henna tattoo to flaunt. Let them know pearls are girls best friend.

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