Build Your Own Kit 8 Stencils



  • 8 sticker stencils of your choice
  • Ready-to-use, large henna cone
  • One vial of coconut oil
  • Instructions for professional results

You know what you like, so we've put the power in your own hands to select the exact henna designs you want with our Build Your Own Henna Tattoo Kit. Choose from a variety of floral, geometric, traditional, and modern henna stencils to find the look that is perfect for you.

Along with the sticker stencils you've selected, we've packed everything else you need into the henna tattoo kit. Start off by cutting out your henna design and adhering it to your skin. Use the pre-made henna paste from the kit to fill in the stencil. Wait for the paste to dry between two and twelve hours, and then when you are ready, peel off the sticker. The coconut oil will help keep your henna tattoo moisturized and protected from water for a long-lasting tattoo. Now go strut the new look you so perfectly designed and created for yourself!

Selected Designs:

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Aphrodite Stencil

Aria Stencil

Atakapa Stencil

Athena Stencil

Azalea Stencil

Blossom - mandala henna design sticker stencilBlossom - mandala henna design in nature
Sold out

Blossom Stencil

Camellia Stencil

Chain Game Stencil

Clover Stencil

Courage Stencil

Dahlia Stencil

Dare Stencil

Fauzie Stencil

Fawn Stencil

Fierce Stencil

Flower Power Stencil

Hera Stencil

Ivy Stencil

Jade Stencil

Jasmine Stencil

Karma Stencil

Miami Stencil

Opal - ring henna designs sticker stencilOpal - ring henna designs in nature
Sold out

Opal Stencil

Passion Fruit - mandala and rings henna design sticker stencilPassion Fruit - mandala henna design on palm
Sold out

Passion Fruit Stencil

Pearl Stencil

Phoenix Stencil

Princess Stencil

Radiant - rings henna design sticker stencilRadiant Stencil
Sold out

Radiant Stencil

Right Direction Stencil

Stellar Stencil

Truth Stencil

Wren Stencil

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