• Fauzie - geometric henna design on palm
  • Fauzie - geometric henna design sticker stencil
  • Fauzie - Woman with henna tattoo under ripped jeans and holding sticker stencils
  • Fauzie - geometric henna design for men
  • Fauzie - geometric henna design on foot
  • Fauzie - geometric henna tattoo on forearm

Fauzie Henna Stencil

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With the Fauzie Stencil, we honor our Mother Earth. We trust her guidance when we feel we have lost our way. Let this geometric henna design remind you that you are connected with Mother. Focusing on that connection can help you to recenter yourself and find inner peace. The Fauzie Stencil will help bring you home again.

Geometric henna designs are versatile and can be placed anywhere you desire. The Fauzie Stencil also include four rings that you can place on your fingers or toes. Doing it yourself is the best way to re-establish your relationship with Earth. We've created sticker stencils that make it easy for anyone to practice the art of henna: cut out the stencil, peel off the backing, and press the sticker to your skin. Apply the henna paste over the top, use wood sticks to spread, and let dry dry between two and twelve hours. Finally, peel off the sticker to reveal your new henna tattoo and think of Mother.