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Just stick, apply, dry, and shine! You’ll have perfect DIY henna designs every time.

At Mihenna, we’ve worked to revolutionize the henna process by making it accessible to everyone. Our henna stencils allows even beginners to become an artist in minutes. Just stick, apply, dry, and shine! You’ll have perfect DIY henna designs every time.

Our henna sticker stencils can be purchased individually if you need a few more designs to round out your henna tattoo kit or if you still have henna paste leftover (it can last up to 2 months!) from your last visit to Mihenna. Browse through our collection to find exactly the piece that’s right for you.

What’s your style? Are you looking for a contemporary, modern henna design or a tried and true traditional tattoo? Do you prefer minimalism or intricacy? Does the geometric Moroccan style catch your eye or perhaps the floral Arabic method? How about a cute little strawberry? We’ve got it!

Along with our many styles henna stencils, we also have plenty of options for placement. Our sticker stencils come with ring patterns for your fingers and toes, bangle patterns for your ankles and wrists, mandalas for your palms, lace gloves for the backs of your hands, necklaces for your chest, and statement pieces or small accents for anywhere you like. Whatever you choose for your DIY henna tattoo design, you can be confident you’ll come away looking and feeling your best.

We want you to know that we are here to help ensure you have the best experience. If any questions come up, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact page. Our customer service representatives will be in touch, so feel relaxed knowing you are a priority and we’ll take care of you.