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Stock up on everything you need so you don't run out of DIY henna supplies.

Make sure you have everything you need and don’t run out of DIY henna supplies at your next body art party! Here at Mihenna, we have all the little extras you need to keep the party going all night. So stock up and double check our other collections for any kits or individual sticker stencils you may need. 

Doing it yourself is the best way to not only save on the expense of hiring a professional henna artist but also to foster your artistic spirit as you work to create your very own henna designs. With our sticker stencils as your base, you can mix and match, separate and recombine to craft the exact design that matches you and your style. Your imagination is free to run wild!

Rest assured that as you explore different looks and designs, you are only putting all-natural, organic products on your skin and getting beautiful, picture-worthy results. We ensure that our DIY henna supplies are safe to use. Our premium henna paste certified organic by the USDA and made from Rajasthani henna leaves, distilled water, our custom blend of essential oils, guar gum, and cane sugar. It is then securely stored in the traditional cone shape so that it arrives to you fresh and ready to use. We only want the best for our customers, so we only provide the best.

Knowing exactly what DIY henna supplies you’ll need for your festivities can be confusing. But don’t worry! Our experts are here to help answer any questions you may have. Just reach out to us through our contact page, and we’ll help you get everything figured out and just right for you and your needs.