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Mandala henna designs not only make for gorgeous and intricate body art, they also can help connect us to the universe and remind us of our place in it. Mandalas have long been used in religion, art, architecture, and even psychology as representation of something greater than ourselves. Many henna artists believe that creating a mandala on our skin connects us spiritually with the universe to bring peace and balance to our lives.

Every mandala has a center point from which the design expands out in radial symmetry. In certain religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, each of the circles can represent a personal quality such as purity or devotion that must be obtained in order to be worthy of reaching the center. When you reach the center, you have become the best version of yourself and will find inner peace.

To celebrate the beauty and depth of meaning that the mandala represents, we have created sticker stencils featuring mandalas henna designs to help you on your path to inner peace. Each one is unique and beautiful in its own way, so we know you’ll find a henna tattoo you love.

Blooms Mandala Henna Design

Mandala henna tattoo on palm in water

The Blooms henna stencil gives you two nature-inspired mandalas. With flowers and vines as part of mandala structure, it weaves together spiritual connection with the universe and nature.

With two designs in one stencil, you can achieve perfect symmetry. We recommend using one mandala for each palm or anywhere else on your body that makes you feel balanced.

Blossom Mandala Henna Design

Blossom Mandala Henna Design

Our Blossom Stencil features one of the mandala’s found in nature: the flower. From the center pistil, petals unfold outward in natural symmetry. The edges are graced with small leaves and drifting pollen.

Also included with the Blossom Stencil is a jewelry-inspired cuff design that you can drape around your wrist or ankle. A diamond dangles off the bracelet as bright as any star in the universe.

Camellia Mandala Henna Design

Camellia Mandala Henna Design

The Camellia Stencil is another flower-inspired mandala with a design as big and bold as the plant itself. Surrounded by swirling spirals, this henna design speaks to the ever-changing, ever-expanding nature of the universe, but reminds us to focus on the solid center point.

Along with the mandala, we’ve included three ring designs and a beaded, draping design to complete the Camellia look. You’ll be fully decked out for any occasion.

Haley Mandala Henna Design

Two mandala henna designs on back of hands

Inspired by the perfect, fractal beauty of a snowflake, the Haley henna stencil has two palm sized mandalas. Traditional Indian art styles are used to create the different elements of the mandala, which when combined, make us feel we are floating freely.

Along with the two mandala designs, the stencil also includes two ivy chains. You can use these as henna bracelets or additional decor for your mandala tattoo.

Passion Fruit Mandala Henna Design

Passion Fruit Mandala Henna Design

Our popular Passion Fruit Stencil sees in this little, round fruit a microcosm of the universe. The mandala design is created through a series of small, short lines reminding us that however small we feel, we are part of the larger pattern of the universe.

The Passion Fruit Stencil wouldn’t be complete without a little extra bling. Five rings (of three different styles) are part of the stencil to bring everything into balance.

Pearl Mandala Henna Design

Pearl Mandala Henna Design

The Pearl Stencil is a daintier, more minimal take on the mandala to remind us that peace and balance can be reached even where we least expect it. Two small mandalas are incorporated into the jewelry design and fringed with little sprigs of leaves.

With the two linked mandalas, we also include a ring design. All together, you’ve got a gorgeous, jewelry-inspired way to connect with the universe.

Pick Your Stencil and Find Your Center

We know you won’t go wrong with any of these mandala stencils (mostly because we’ve made them adhesive so there’s no mistakes and no mess), so we've made it easy to try out the mandala designs in one convenient kit. The Mandala Henna Tattoo Kit features 5 unique mandala designs with our organic and ready-to-use henna paste, our coconut oil, our application spatulas, and our illustrated instruction guide. We don't want you to have to worry about forgetting a thing. Just another way we want to encourage you on your path to inner peace.

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