• Aria - close up of finger henna tattoos
  • Aria - ring henna design sticker stencil
  • Aria - woman with shoulder and finger ring henna designs
  • Aria - woman with shoulder and finger ring henna tattoos
  • Aria - two women with various henna tattoos wearing swimsuits

Aria Henna Stencil

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Italian for "air" an aria is a song or melody sung by one person, raising their voice loud and clear to sing out what is in their heart. Be free to express your heartsong. Be confident to share your unique style and voice with these delicate henna finger designs. You can even choose to top them off with a graceful floral design. Mihenna's Aria Stencil will give you something to sing about.

With these henna finger designs, you'll be hitting all the right notes. Get started by cutting out each piece and sticking the stencils in the perfect placement. Cover the stencil with an even coat of henna paste and allow to dry for two to twelve hours. When you peel off the stencil, you'll reveal breathtaking jewelry-inspired henna and feel a song bursting forth!