• Bachelorette Party Henna Tattoo Kit for a DIY henna night with all your girls

The Bachelorette Party Henna Kit USDA Certified Organic

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Everything you need for creating henna tattoos during the bachelorette party!

Adhesive henna stencils Included:


  • 2 USDA-certified organic henna cones (30 grams each)
  • 2 vials of coconut oil
  • 9 henna spatulas
  • Instructions for professional results

*Please store your henna cone in the freezer

Celebrate your best friend's upcoming marriage with a night of pampering, bonding, and henna tattoos. We have everything you need in our henna party kit for a perfect bachelorette party. No prep work, little clean up, and lasting memories make The Bachelorette Party Kit the best choice for your celebration.

Have everyone cut out a chosen henna design and adhere the sticker stencil to their skin. We include ready-to-use henna paste for you to fill in the stencil designs. Each person needs to let their henna dry for at least two to twelve hours before peeling off the stencil. We suggest wrapping the area in cling wrap so you can continue the fun during the drying period. Once the sticker is off, coconut oil is available to moisturize the area and help protect the henna tattoos from water when bathing. With all your girls looking good, be sure to take plenty of pictures and party all night long!

*Before full application, test henna in a small spot. Although rare, if an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use.

Download Sticker Stencil Instructions here