• Yin - mini henna tattoos on wrist
  • Ying - 12 mini henna tattoo designs in an easy to use stencil
  • Ying - anchor mini henna tattoo on hand
  • Ying - woman mini henna tattoos of a paw print and a flower
  • Ying - geometric diamond henna tattoo on ankle
  • Ying - shooting star and eject symbol as mini henna tattoos on fingers
  • Ying - mini lightning bolt henna tattoo on index finger

Yin Henna Stencil

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See All Modern Designs // Complete Your Tattoo

Mini henna tattoos are perfect for adding just a little something to your aesthetic. No matter what trend you are into these days, we’ve got something for you in this Yin henna stencil or the Yang henna stencil. Choose Yin if you’re looking for a little paw print, a geometric diamond, or tiny anchor temporary tattoo. Tell us which design is your favorite and tag us on Instagram.

To apply your own mini henna tattoo, follow these simple instructions. Select your favorite design and cut it out of the stencil. Wash the area you plan to apply to. Peel off the backing and press the adhesive side to your skin. Cover the stencil with our organic henna paste and allow it to dry. After at least 2 hours, remove stencil and remaining dried paste. Your henna tattoo will continue to darken for the next 24 hours, and then it’s ready for the ‘gram!