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Dahlia Henna Stencil

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Bold and beautiful, the Dahlia flower represents dignity and stability. It is a flower fit for a queen, so of course we styled our lace glove henna design to be as vibrant and lavish as the Dahlia. At Mihenna, our desire is to use body art to help you get in touch with not only the beauty of nature that surrounds you but also to unlock your inner potential and become the queen you were always meant to be. Feel grounded and regal with this front or back hand henna design topped off with an elegant ring.

We make feeling like royalty accessible to everyone with our sticker stencils. Intricate, back hand henna designs just got a whole lot easier. Trim down the sticker to fit your size and press it to your hand. Henna paste is applied on top and allowed to dry. Allow between two to twelve hours to pass, then you can peel off the sticker stencil to reveal your pristine lace glove henna design and begin your reign as queen of the Dahlias.