• Starry Eyes - intricate eye henna tattoos on hands
  • Starry Eyes - henna tattoo design stencil
  • Starry Eyes - palm henna tattoo of eye surrounded by stars
  • Starry Eyes - evil eye henna tattoo on back of hand
  • Starry Eyes - henna tattoo of evil eye on man's ankle

Starry Eyes Stencil

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Many of our designs are inspired by a protection amulet to ward off the evil eye. The amulet is shaped like an eye to catch the glare of someone who wishes bad luck on you, and it reflects the curse back at them. While we don’t wish any evil on anyone, we do love incorporating the protective eye into our henna designs. Starry Eyes gives you two versions of an enchanting ornament to protect you from the evil eye and look fabulous while you’re doing it.

Creating your own evil eye henna tattoo is easy with our henna stencils. Just wash and thoroughly dry your palm. Apply the adhesive stencil. Coat the stencil with our organic henna paste. Allow the paste to dry for at least 2 hours or wait for up to 24 for a darker tattoo. Peel off the stencil and remove the remaining henna paste with a paper towel. The color will intensify over the next 24 hours, but the protective amulet starts working right away!