• Rose - floral henna tattoo on thigh
  • Rose - henna stencil design by Mihenna
  • Rose - temporary tattoo of a rose on arm
  • Rose - henna tattoo design of rose and evil eye on arm

Rose Henna Stencil

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A rose is a rose is a rose is a new henna tattoo design from Mihenna! Flower henna tattoos are popular throughout traditional henna designs - often representing new beginnings and natural beauty. Mihenna owner Shalina wanted to bring these cultural values into a new, modern design for today’s henna artists. All the beauty and inspiration of traditional designs meets the boldness and romance of a rose in modern body art design. Wear your rose henna tattoo knowing romance awaits.

To create your very own rose henna tattoo, start by selecting the location. This large stencil is best for the length of your arm, leg, or the center of your back. Wash and thoroughly dry the area to remove any oils and create a clean canvas. Next, peel the adhesive backing from the stencil and stick it to your skin. Apply our organic henna paste over the stencil and be sure to fill in all spaces with a thick covering. Allow the henna to dry for at least two hours or up to twelve for the darkest stain. When ready, pull off the stencil and remove the excess henna paste with a paper towel. Avoid washing it with water for next 4 to 5 hours as the stain sets. The color will continue to darken for the next 24 hours and can last up to two weeks with proper care.