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Opal Henna Stencil

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See All Ring Designs // Complete Your Tattoo

The opal gemstone comes in one of the largest varieties of colors - white, yellow, red, pink, orange, green, blue, brown, black, and more! These colors can flash and shine, lighting up like fire within the stone. Just like the opal, our aptly-named ring henna stencil has three different designs you can mix and match by wearing all or just a couple on your fingers or toes. Let the Opal Stencil unleash your fire within.

Get creative with where and how you're going to place each piece from the ring henna stencil. Once you decide, cut out your rings and adhere them to your skin; don't forget to press firmly. Use henna paste to evenly fill in each stencil. The paste will need to dry between two and twelve hours, and when you're ready, remove the sticker. Let your new henna tattoos shine for all to see!

Download Sticker Stencil Instructions here