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Camellia Henna Stencil

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Cover your hands in Camellia. This luscious plant is known for its advantageous seeds and flowers, each with many uses in cooking and medicines. Much like the useful little flower, Mihenna's sticker stencil has everything you need. The Camellia Stencil henna design for your hands has a mandala for your palm, a dangling bracelet for the back of your hand, and three henna rings. You'll be fully adorned and prepared for any occasion. Let Camellia meet all your beautifying needs.

While we recommend particular placements for the henna designs on your hands, don't let that hold back your imagination. Henna is a fun, creative outlet, and the beauty of our sticker stencils is that you can position them anywhere you'd like. Once you've firmly pressed the sticker to you skin, apply the henna paste and allow it to dry between two and twelve hours. Finally, you can peel back the sticker, wipe away the crumbling henna paste and reveal your fresh henna tattoos.