Meet Our New Henna Stencils!

Meet Our New Henna Stencils!

Summer is the perfect time for henna tattoos, and we want you to have even more options when it comes to choosing your favorite design. All summer long, Mihenna will be releasing new henna stencils in a variety of styles so that everyone will find something they love.

All of our henna stencil designs are created by Shalina, Mihenna’s founder and first generation Indian-American. Read more about her journey to share her love of henna with everyone on our About Us page. Shalina uses her background in design to recreate traditional styles, to modernize traditional symbols, and to conjure completely new henna tattoos. Every stencil is unique to Mihenna and embodies our goal of self-love and self-confidence. We’re here to help you feel good and look good doing it.

Find What You Need

Flame Thrower Henna Stencil

Flame Thrower Henna Tattoo on Ankles

Part of our modern henna designs, Flame Thrower is for the fiercest, baddest babes. Show off your fiery spirit with two sets of flame designs. This stencil is perfect for wrapping each wrist or ankle in an endless inferno. If you think you can handle the heat, check out the Flame Thrower.

Gothic Numbers Henna Stencil

Gothic Numbers Henna Tattoos on Fingers

Although we’re calling it a modern henna design, the gothic style has been around for centuries. We’re putting a new take on it as a font for henna tattoos that you can use on your fingers, knuckles, or anywhere you want to make a numerical statement with Gothic Numbers.

Haley Henna Stencil

Haley Henna Tattoo on Thigh

We love mandala henna designs (read more about their significance in this blog post) so much that we are giving two mandalas in one stencil. Whether you keep them to yourself or share with a friend is up to you, but you are sure to get plenty of use from the Haley Henna Stencil.

Marah Henna Stencil

Marah Henna Tattoo on Back of Hand

Bringing new life into traditional henna designs is one of our favorite ways to celebrate the art of henna. Marah is an asymmetrical henna tattoo that extends into a ring. Combining geometric shapes with a hint of floral gives a unique and interesting look to the Marah Henna Stencil.

Palma Henna Stencil

Man applying palm tree henna tattoo stencil

Modern henna designs tend to be bold - as a towering palm tree is bold. Palma is a large, minimalist henna tattoo that acts like a silhouette of a palm tree stretching across your arm or leg. We think it's perfect for any beach trip or for the days when you are wishing you were at the beach. You can practically smell the salty sea air when you wear the Palma Henna Stencil.

Rose Henna Stencil

Rose henna flower tattoo on arm

Floral henna designs are always popular. Many traditional patterns include flowers, and modernized versions of henna flower tattoos pop up like daisies. For this one, we wanted to embrace our inner romantic to create a refreshed tradition. With all this inspiration in mind, we present the Rose Henna Stencil.

Ruma Henna Stencil

Ruma Henna Tattoo on Arm

Geometric henna designs allow for lots of interpretation of this style. For this particular stencil, we use triangles as inspiration. You’ll see them in the base design, in arrows, in the nature elements, and more. The beauty of our stencils is that you can cut apart and mix n match the design any way you like. Try bringing your own flair to the Ruma Henna Stencil.

Try Them All!

You don’t have to pick and choose between your favorite henna stencils; you can try them all with the Build Your Own Henna Kit. We provide ready-to-use henna paste and coconut oil for aftercare, but you get to pick which stencils make up your kit. Try one of each of our new henna designs or get multiples of the same stencil so you can have matching henna tattoos with all your friends. Start building your kit now so you can get to henna-ing!

How to Use Henna Stencils

Girl Applying a Henna Tattoo with a Sticker Stencil Two Women with Matching Henna Tattoos on Back of Hands

Our adhesive henna stencils are easy and accessible for henna beginners. With no previous experience, you can create flawless henna tattoos without worrying about smudges or smears. Mihenna makes it fun for everyone!

To create your own henna tattoos:

1) Wash and dry the area you plan to stencil. It’s important to remove all dirt, lotion, or anything that might keep the henna from adhering to your skin. If you want to exfoliate, now is the time. Removing dead skin before you apply will help your henna tattoos last longer.

2) Remove the backing and press the adhesive henna stencil to your skin. Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles. You can even make a few snips here and there to help the stencil fit more securely to your shape.

3) Use our organic henna paste to fill in the stencil with a thick layer. You should no longer be able to see any skin under the henna stencil. Always use organic, all natural ingredients for a skin-safe henna experience. Read more about our ready-to-use henna paste recipe.

4) Allow the henna paste to dry for at least 2 hours. The longer you leave the paste on, the darker your henna tattoo will be and the longer it will last. You can leave it up to 12 hours. We recommend wrapping the henna in toilet paper or cling wrap to keep henna paste in place.

5) When you’re ready, peel off the henna stencil. Apply some coconut oil to help loosen any remaining henna paste and wipe it off with a paper towel.

6) Avoid water for the next 4 - 5 hours as the henna tattoo continues to set. It will keep getting darker for the next 24 hours and turn from an orange color to a deep, earthy brown. To help your henna tattoo last up to two weeks, keep it moisturized and avoid submerging it in water for an extended period of time.

And you’re all set! You’ve just created your very own henna tattoo. Go show it off and tag us in any selfies on Instagram @mihenna.bodyart. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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