• Ruma - Geometric henna tattoo on back of legs
  • Ruma - Geometric henna stencil
  • Ruma - Triangle and arrow henna tattoo on forearm
  • Ruma - Henna stencil on forearm before applying henna paste

Ruma Henna Stencil

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See All Geometric Designs // Complete Your Tattoo

Geometric henna stencils can be used in a variety of ways, especially Ruma. Two triangles fringed with arrow-shaped decoration are available to your imagination. Create your henna tattoo with the design as is or cut out and rearrange different elements to suit your fancy. Use both triangles in a horizontal or vertical pattern. Try it with just one shape. Whatever you do, wear it your way!

When the Ruma henna stencil meets our organic henna paste, you’re in for a treat. After cleansing the area, press the adhesive stencil to your skin in any design you prefer. Cover the stencil with henna paste and allow it to dry for a minimum of two hours. The longer you keep paste on, the darker and longer lasting your henna tattoo will be. When you are ready to remove, peel back the stencil and brush off the remaining paste. The Ruma henna tattoo will continue to darken into a beautiful brown over the next 24 hours and can last up to 2 weeks with proper care.