The Best Henna Ink

The Best Henna Ink

We can’t help but to brag when it comes to our henna paste. We’ve been experimenting and tweaking our recipe to produce a blend that meets all our requirements for the best henna ink. Not only ours - but the USDA's too! By using only carefully sourced ingredients, we've been certified as 100% organic.

Dried and crushed organic henna leaves

Organic Henna Ink

We don’t mess with added chemicals in our henna. The leaves we use as the base of our recipe are certified organic and grown in Rajasthan, India. The henna leaves are dried, crushed, triple sifted, and sent to us in the US to wait for your order.

Freshly Made

There’s nothing worse than getting a henna paste cone full of expired, separated ingredients. To ensure you get the best henna ink, we wait until you order to mix up a batch of pre-made henna paste and ship it out right away. We also use organic guar gum to bind the slippery oils and water together. (Your henna will last even longer if you store it in the freezer until the night before you’re ready to create your henna tattoos!)

Smells Amazing

We’ve gotten more than a few compliments on the aroma, and that comes from the earthy, organic henna leaves combined with all-natural eucalyptus and lavender extract. Not only do these essential oils smell delightful, they also contribute to the perfect balance of ingredients.

Long-Lasting Color

Using organic henna guarantees a deep brown stain for the gorgeous henna tattoos everyone craves. We help that color stick around by adding organic cane sugar to our henna ink mixture. This is an old trick that every good henna artist knows will keep your tats around for weeks.

Smooth Application

While our henna recipe may be new, sometimes old ways don’t need changed. We store our pre-made henna ink in traditional henna paste cones that allow for easy storage and precise application for delicate designs. (Keep track of the pin to seal up any leftover henna inside the cone.)

Henna ink tattoo on back of hand

Gorgeous Henna Tattoos

Whether you are freehanding your own design, creating henna freckles, or using one of our henna sticker stencils for a perfect henna tattoo, our perfected henna ink is the best choice to buy for henna tattoos that are safe for your skin, easy to apply, and keep their rich brown color for weeks to come. When you shop Mihenna, you look good and feel good.

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