About Us

Welcome to Mihenna, home of your next henna masterpiece! Our passion is to help young women achieve the self-confidence to become henna body art goddesses through our variety of design options and our all-natural henna paste. Browse our selection to find your style!

Who We Are

Mihenna is based in south Florida with connections throughout the world. Our sticker stencils find inspiration everywhere, and our organic henna paste is sourced from India. Global connection helps us stay true to the roots of henna as body art, which originated in South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Mihenna aims to continue this ancient tradition and modernize it for today’s women.

What We Do

Our sticker stencils and pre-made henna paste are next step in the evolution of henna body art. The art of henna still carries on the rituals of decorating body and hair for celebrations and rites of passage in order to bring blessings of luck, joy, and beauty. Today henna is also used freely for self-expression on any occasion so you look and feel good about yourself.

Before Mihenna henna tattoo kits, application to hands and feet would take hours with a trained henna artist drawing on the body art by hand. Mihenna makes this ancient art form accessible to everyone with easy-to-use sticker stencils and pre-made, premium henna paste. DIY henna kits are the way of the future!

Why Shop With Us

At Mihenna, we make sure you have quality materials to achieve your best look. Our henna paste is made from the powdered leaves of an equatorial tropical shrub called Lawsonia inermis and combined with fresh water, eucalyptus oil, sugar, and lemon juice. All of our premium ingredients are organic and vegan so that the paste is safe for your skin. We make the paste in advance for your convenience and cone it for optimal storage. If you still have paste left over after applying your henna designs, save the remainder in the freezer for your next use.

Along with the henna paste, we offer a wide selection of sticker stencils inspired by various goddesses and the qualities they embody. You can choose individually or order a DIY henna kit to have enough design options for all of your friends! Our sticker stencils are designed to make sure you get the look you want without years of experience as a henna artist. By filling in the stencil, you have less mess, more time, and your body art will come out flawlessly for an enviable look.

Connect With Us

We love connecting with our customers and are always available to help answer questions or address concerns. To learn more about our DIY henna kits, sticker stencils, or pre-made henna paste, help with ordering, or simply to say hello, please reach out to us any time on our contact page. We’re also on social media, and would love to hear from you via Instagram or Facebook. We look forward to connecting with you and continuing to provide stylish and empowering henna body art for all. Make each day a celebration and unveil your inner goddess!

Letter from the Owner

Owner of Mihenna - DIY Henna Supplies

Hi! I’m Shalina Jaffer, founder of Mihenna. I am an Indian, first-generation American, and lover of all things henna!

Growing up in south Florida, my Indian parents continued the tradition of henna application for celebrations, rites of passage, and just pure fun. As I got older, I came to realize how much all my friends loved henna but felt it was still a product they were not comfortable with or able to mix on their own.

Through that realization, the concept of Mihenna was born – a kit that addressed a hole in the market of DIY body art and tattoos: bringing premium ingredients and gorgeous artwork to a realm lacking in quality and design aesthetics. Our goal at Mihenna is to give all women and men the opportunity to experience the joy that henna body art can bring.

Thank you for your interest in Mihenna body art and checking out our site!