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Zena Henna Stencil

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See All Geometric Designs // Complete Your Tattoo

This large, geometric henna tattoo design is ready to be the centerpiece of your body art. Designed to fit best along your arm, leg, or back, Zena is a bold and intricate henna stencil for those who are ready to go big. Proudly display your henna tattoo and let the world know you created it yourself with our easy-to-use henna stencils and paste. You’re on your way to being a true henna artist.

Create this piece by first washing and drying your skin. Stick the stencil and smooth out any bubbles. Use organic henna paste to create a thick layer. Henna spatulas will help fill in all the little details that make this design so beautiful. Let the paste dry for at least 2 hours or up to 12 for a darker and longer-lasting tattoo. Remove the stencil, and use coconut oil and paper towel to wipe off excess henna. Avoid water for a few hours and let the color darken for 24 hours. Then you’ll be ready to show off your new Zena henna tattoo.