Karma Henna Stencil


If you are seeking a chic, modern, and geometric henna design, then look no further than Mihenna's Karma Stencil. With two patterns to choose from and endless options of where and how to place, Karma is the perfect choice for your next henna tattoo. Use it as a reminder to focus on good actions and intentions on your journey to enlightenment. Remember that karma not only echoes the past but also creates the future. Everything is connected.

The Karma Stencil provides many paths to the ultimate outcome - a faultless geometric henna design. Like our model, you can wear it vertically or wrap it around your wrist or ankle. You can even cut apart sections to wear individually. Once you decide, press the cutout sticker stencil to your skin and apply henna paste over it. After it dries, peel and reveal your tasteful karmic henna design.

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