• Jade - bangle henna design on ankle
  • Jade - bangle henna design on ankle sticker stencil
  • Jade - upper thigh henna design
  • Jade - wrist henna design and football
  • Jade - wrist henna design for men

Jade Henna Stencil

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Jade is widely used through China and other Asian countries to create masterpieces through decoration, jewelry, and sculpture. It's prevalently used because, aside from its beautiful, vibrant green shades, jade is said to bless everything it touches - bringing wealth, healing, and wisdom. Prepare to receive your blessings with our Jade bangle henna stencil. Simple patterns combine into beautiful, tasteful henna designs that you can wear around your wrist or ankle, or even wear them straight out along your arm or leg. Any way you choose, you'll be on your way to good luck and fortune!

Use the Jade Stencil to create your own body art masterpiece. We make it really easy to use our bangle henna stencils. Simply cut out the design to fit body part selected and stick to your skin. Apply henna paste over the stencil and allow it to dry for two to twelve hours. Whenever you're ready, peel off the sticker. Now it's time to shine! When you're rocking your new henna tattoo, remember you're #blessed.