• Courage - cuff henna design around ankle
  • Courage - cuff henna design sticker stencil
  • Courage - cuff henna design on wrist
  • Courage - bracelet henna design on wrist
  • Courage - bangle henna design on wrist

Courage Henna Stencil

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Courage doesn't mean you have no fear. It means you are afraid, and yet you go ahead anyway. Take heart! Be courageous! For an extra push of confidence, take Mihenna's Courage Stencil with you on your next journey. Our bracelet henna design can wrap around your wrist or ankle as a reminder that there is no obstacle you can't conquer, no fear you can't overcome. We are with you all the way!

The Courage Stencil gracefully combines both floral and geometric shapes into a fresh take on a traditional style of bracelet henna design. The motif is easily applied through our sticker stencil so you can be assured the pattern will be consistent and bear no mistakes. Simply place the sticker around your wrist or ankle and evenly coat it with the henna paste. Let the paste dry between two and twelve hours, and then you can remove the sticker to reveal your badge of courage. Now you're off to seize the day!