Right Direction Henna Stencil


Follow your heart and be confident in your decisions. The answer lies within you as long as you trust yourself to step boldly in the right direction. Mihenna's geometric bangle henna stencil can wrap around your wrist or ankle to show everyone that you are moving forward. If a bangle doesn't feel like the right choice, you can wear this henna tattoo in a straight line that points ahead like the arrow of a compass. No matter how you want to wear it, we know you'll make the best decision for you.

Along with its versatility, the Right Direction Stencil is also easy to apply. Cut out the geometric bangle henna stencil so that it fits you best, and press it firmly to adhere to your skin. Now you can apply henna paste and allow it to dry. When at least two hours have passed, you can remove the stencil. Your new henna tattoo will keep you pointed in the right direction. Time to get moving!

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