Spring Break Henna Tattoos

Spring Break Henna Tattoos

You have bathing suits, sandals, and sun hats galore, but are you truly ready for spring break without some unique accessories? At Mihenna, we say there’s no spring break without our super cute henna tattoos. Instead of packing up tons of jewelry, makeup, and other heavy accessories, save space in your suitcase when you choose fun, flirty, and semi-permanent tattoo designs. We think these are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and highlight your best features!

With our USDA organic henna paste and easy-to-use stencils, you can apply these tattoos in just a few hours – no expert necessary! Do you think henna tattoos could amp up your style and make your spring break? Check out our favorite stencils here!

Finger Henna

Close up of hand with variety of ring henna tattoos on fingers

Skip the rings in favor of an accessory you’ll never lose in the ocean – henna finger stencils! The Opal henna stencil is one of our favorites because it offers designs for nearly every finger. With three distinct stencil designs, you can get creative with which one you place where.

While this stencil set is designed for use on a single hand, you can do whatever you want. Stack the stencils on the same finger, alternate them on your first and last knuckle, or use just one per hand to ensure the design stands out! The only limit here is your imagination!

Wrist Henna

We love wearing bangles and bracelets, but sometimes, the deep brown design of an intricate henna tattoo really ties an outfit together. With the Phoenix hand stencil design, you have tons of options. Whether you position it along the back of your hand, so the large portion of the design centers on your wrist, or you wrap this stencil all the way around your forearm, it’s a style that’s hard to miss! We also love seeing this design on the upper arm or the back — the Phoenix stencil is such a versatile piece that you can place it nearly anywhere.

Ankle Henna

Ankles with henna tattoo of wave and sunbeams

Ankle tattoos are such a cute, subtle way to introduce henna into your life, and we absolutely adore the Wave stencil design. A little different than some of the more traditional henna swirls, this piece features a delicate wave cresting in front of a setting sun in a combination of Indian and Japanese aesthetics that blends symmetry, minimalism, and stick-and-poke tattooing into one work of art.

If you want to show off your love of the beach, waves, and sand in one semi-permanent design, this is the piece for you! Looking to evoke some California or Miami vibes with your beach-inspired henna? Consider the Palma stencil to go along with it!

Foot Henna

One of our more traditional and whimsical henna designs, the Fawn stencil is truly made for your feet. We love to see it on the inner inside of your foot, as the curving design follows the shape of your arch from heel to toe. This stencil design is a single piece that fits on your inner foot, but it also comes with several additional toe stencils so you can create henna designs in the shape of toe rings!

Hand Henna

Close up of hand floating in pool with a mandala henna tattoo on palm

While we already talked about finger and wrist henna designs, we also feature stencils that fit perfectly in the palm or on the back of your hand. The floral Blooms henna tattoo will totally make you feel like a goddess every time you gesture and wave. A perfectly balanced and symmetrical mandala design helps you feel centered and supported whenever you look down at your hands!

Henna Pack

Not sure which henna design is your favorite? No worries, Mihenna offers kits full of henna tattoos so that you can experience all of them! If you know which styles you'd like to try, then use our Build Your Own Henna Kit option. Shop the small kit to choose four stencils from our collection, or pick the large kit to customize it with eight henna stencil designs.

What to do with so many stencils? Experiment with placement or share them with your friends!

Left-Over Henna

Woman with organic henna paste creating fake freckles on her nose and cheeks

When you order a henna tattoo kit from Mihenna, you’re getting everything you need for application, including our USDA organic henna paste. We make sure you have enough to apply six to eight stencil – even if you make a few mistakes along the way. After you apply your design, you might find that you have some extra henna left over.

We say use that extra henna to get cute freckles without the sun damage. Learn how to apply henna paste to your face for gorgeous, sun-kissed splendor instantly!

Time to Shop

At Mihenna, we believe that this ancient Indian art should be inclusive and exciting for everyone. We love henna and body art, and we want to make it more accessible for you. So make a statement when you turn your own body into a work of art with henna!

Shop Mihenna for unique designs and high-quality henna paste today.

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