Today Show guest star: Mihenna

Today Show guest star: Mihenna

We are feeling Starry Eyed to be featured on The Today Show's Summer Ready segment with Hoda Kotb, Kelly Rowland, and lifestyle expert Brittney Levine. Our Henna Freckle Kit basked in the spotlight while Brittney recommended it as the perfect beauty product to get that ideal sunkissed look without the sun damage. We agree with Kelly that it's time to "let yourself glow!" 

Watch the segment and peruse some other great summer products on The Today Show Beauty Blog

Today Show featuring Mihenna Freckle Kit

The Henna Freckle Kit is like a filter come to life! We use only ingredients that have been certified organic by the USDA so that your skin stays safe while looking fabulous. Mihenna is always chemical free, cruelty free, and we make our henna in small batches, as you order, so that you get the freshest freckles. 

To use: wash and dry your face so that the henna paste has direct contact with your skin. If you are sensitive to essential oils, test in a small area first. Apply dots of henna across your nose and cheeks. It's best to vary the size and placement for a more natural look.

Everyone's skin is different, so you may be happy with the look of your freckles after letting them dry for 1 hour or for 12 hours. Use a paper towel to remove the dried henna paste, and avoid washing your face for the first 5 hours to allow the henna to set. Remember the henna stain will need 24 hours to reach its full intensity.

Use the provided, organic coconut oil to keep your face moisturized (and to help with removing the dried henna paste). Staying moisturized will help your henna freckle last longer before they naturally fade away. 

One Henna Freckle Kit has PLENTY of henna paste for multiple applications, so store the henna cone in the freezer for future use. Or grab a henna stencil or two to create tattoos with the leftover paste.

If you're getting summer ready with the Henna Freckle Kit, tag us on Instagram or TikTok. We'd love to see your sunkissed look!

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