How to Fake Your Freckles with Henna

Faux freckles are all the rage on social media to bedazzle up your look. From makeup to microblading, everyone is searching for the best method. If want to learn how to create fake freckles that won’t wash away after just one day, we have just what you need at Mihenna!

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Our henna paste is the best henna for freckles because it gives you a long-lasting stain so that you’ll be sporting sunkissed splendor for up to two weeks. And now you can make your own henna paste with our Henna Powder Kit. Our products use natural, organic henna combined with fresh water, eucalyptus, sugar, and lemon juice. As with all skin products, please test the paste on a small patch before fully applying, especially if you are prone to sensitive skin.

Applying henna freckles

How to Apply Henna Freckles

(1) Cleanse - To apply henna freckles, start by cleansing and fully drying your face. You are now a blank canvas to receive a constellation of DIY freckles.

(2) Henna - Remove the needle from the henna cone (and save for storing leftover paste in the freezer for up to 12 weeks). Squeeze the henna forward from the back of the cone.

(3) Speckle - Apply dots to the bridge of your nose, cheeks, and anywhere else that needs a beauty mark. Different sizes and a random pattern will help to create a more natural appearance.

(4) Dry - How long to leave on henna freckles will depend on how dark you want them. We suggest at least two hours, but also try varying dry times for each spot to create a spectrum of color and depth that will look more organic.

(5) Remove - Gently scrape the paste off with your fingers or even the edge of a spoon. Avoid wetting your face for the first few hours as water will lighten the results - unless you accidentally left the henna on too long, then check out our tips for removing henna from skin or fabric.

(5) Shine - You are now a faux freckle goddess! Your new henna freckles will continue to darken over the next 24 hours, so don’t worry if they look too subtle to begin with. Your freckles can last up to a week if you moisturize regularly (we recommend coconut oil). You’ll be glowing with summer vibes!

Try Our Henna Freckle Kit

To make faux freckles as easy as possible, we've developed a henna freckle kit to give you everything you need. You'll have our organic henna paste (pre-made for your convenience), our coconut oil for aftercare, and a set of instructions to walk you through every step. Now you won't have to wonder how long to leave on henna paste for freckles. We have all the answers for you!

For a hands-on look at how to apply henna freckles (including the next day's darkened freckles), follow along with one of our fav YouTubers Natalia Taylor as she uses Mihenna to create her own faux freckles.

"This turned out 10 times better than I was ever expecting!"

Henna Freckles FAQ

Which is the best henna for freckles?

Always use an organic, brown henna with no added chemicals. Organic henna is always the best choice for your skin, and brown henna will create realistic looking fake freckles. We've experimented to perfect our henna paste recipe for the best results! We use all-natural ingredients that help deepen the color and increase the how long the stain lasts. Trust nothing but the best for your skin.

How long to leave on henna for freckles?

At least 2 hours, but precise timing will depend on your skin type as well as current temperature and humidity. We recommend removing the henna at different time periods to create a range of color depth that will look more natural. The longer the henna paste sits on your skin, the darker the stain will be. Organic henna paste is safe to keep on your skin up to 12 hours.

How long for henna freckles to darken?

24 hours. Henna stains look orange when you first reveal them, but during the first twenty-four hours, they will continue to darken to a nice, earthy brown color. Avoid washing your face for the first 5 hours to allow the stain to set in. 

How long do henna freckles last?

2 to 6 days with proper care. Moisturizing daily and avoiding exfoliation will help your henna freckles last longer. We recommend using coconut oil to increase the longevity of your henna freckles.

How do henna freckles look?

Henna freckles will vary depending on your skin type and the temperature and humidity when you applied. In general, henna freckles will be light brown and subtle. Fake freckles with henna will look natural if you vary sizing, placing, and length of time the henna spots dry.

Before and After Apply Henna Freckles

Are henna freckles safe?

If you use organic henna, then yes! Creating fake freckles with henna helps you to avoid the sun damage that can come with trying to darken your real freckles, and they last longer than creating freckles with makeup that you need to reapply every day.

Where can I get henna for freckles?

Mihenna offers an organic henna freckle kit with illustrated instructions and tips for the best results. The henna freckle kit also includes USDA-certified henna paste that's ready to use and a roller bottle of coconut oil to stay moisturized. Try it today!

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