How to Fake Your Freckles with Henna

Faux freckles are all the rage on social media to bedazzle up your look. From makeup to microblading, everyone is searching for the best method. If want to learn how to create fake freckles that won’t wash away after just one day, we have just what you need at Mihenna!

Our henna paste gives you long-lasting fake freckles so that you’ll be sporting up to two weeks of sunkissed splendor. Our products use natural, organic henna combined with fresh water, eucalyptus, sugar, and lemon juice. As with all skin products, please test the paste on a small patch before fully applying, especially if you are prone to sensitive skin.

Close up of girl with henna freckles

To apply henna freckles, start by cleansing and fully drying your face. You are now a blank canvas to receive a constellation of DIY freckles.

Remove the needle from the henna cone (and save for storing leftover paste in the freezer for up to 12 weeks). Squeeze the henna forward from the back of the cone.

Apply dots to the bridge of your nose, cheeks, and anywhere else that needs a beauty mark. Different sizes and a random pattern will help to create a more natural appearance.

Allow the henna to dry for a half hour and then remove by gently scraping the paste off. Using water will lighten the results, so unless you accidentally left the henna on too long, we recommend avoiding getting your face wet. You can also leave your faux freckles to dry for differing periods of time in order to create a spectrum of color and depth that will look more natural.

Your new henna freckles will continue to darken over the next 24 hours, so don’t worry if they look too subtle to begin with. You’ll soon be glowing with summer vibes!

For a hands-on look at how to apply henna freckles, follow along with one of our fav YouTubers Natalia Taylor as she uses Mihenna to create her own faux freckles.