Summer Fashion Is Better with Henna

2019 Summer Fashion - Neon Green and Henna Tattoos

The biggest surprise of summer fashion in 2019: probably all the neon green! Who knew this color was going to burst onto the scene this season. Bright green seems to be flashing everywhere you turn from runways to Kardashians. How are you going to work the current trends into your summer wardrobe this year? We might have a few suggestions here at Mihenna.

Crop Tops for Every Look

The best way to beat the heat is by showing some skin, so crop tops aren’t going away any time soon. There are so many options with a crop top now. You can find any style, fabric, color, or vibe you’re going for. We love all crop tops (so much that we introduced our own women's black crop top!), but there is a special place in our hearts for a crocheted, open back that says casual yet sexy boho all summer long. Add a cute, little henna temporary tattoo on your hip from our Truth or our Dare sticker stencils, and now you have every reason to go for a crop top that matches your summer fashion goals. Stay cool this summer and show off those beautiful bellies!

Denim, Denim, Denim

2019 Summer Fashion - Distressed Jean Shorts and Back Hand Henna Tattoos

Denim has never, and probably will never, go out of style. There’s always something new to do or a classic look to bring back. One look that never really left is distressed jeans, but they are bigger than ever this year. Frayed, ripped, holey, even tattered are compliments for jeans and shorts alike.

2019 Summer Fashion - Denim on Denim and Wrist Henna Tattoos

And who could forget about denim overalls? Bibbed overall shorts are back with a bang in both women’s and men’s summer fashion this year. We crave versatility in our outfits, and overalls gives us just that. Whether you go with one strap, two, or fold down the front, those overall shorts will look amazing with, say, a crop top!

If you love the denim look, then you’ll love this 90s classic - denim on denim. That’s right! Our fav monochromatic ensemble is fashionable again, so bust out your denim overshirt (perfectly paired with a crop top) and hit the town. All this denim never looked so good as when paired with a thigh-high henna tattoo. Go big with a design like our Athena or Passion Fruit sticker stencils. A eye-catching henna tattoo is the perfect accent for your summer jean shorts, distressed or not.

Patterns Steal the Show

2019 Summer Fashion - Polka Dot Pattern and Back Hand Henna Tattoo

Every outfit needs something to make it pop. You will stand out from the crowd and show the world what summer fashion really looks like. While neon green is one sure way to draw the eye, there’s lots of other popular options to try too.

Patterned fabrics with a bold design are standing out on the runway this year. Even tie-dye is considered fashionable, not just a fun summertime activity. What really caught our attention though is the polka dots and animal prints. Both of these patterns work great as either a fun accent in a monochrome look or as the featured piece.

If a pattern is what you’re looking for, then try one of our mandala henna designs. Blossom and Camellia both feature repeating concentric elements to bring that pop to your summer wardrobe. These henna tattoos have us falling in love with patterns all over again.

On the Fringe

2019 Summer Fashion - Fringe and Back Hand Henna Tattoos

Your outfit will never be boring when topped off with a little fringe. One small design element can have a big impact on your summer fashion and can be incorporated anywhere. Fringe is perfect on purses, booties, shorts, sleeves, and jewelry. This little detail brings movement and life into your outfit. One more place you can find fringe is in your henna tattoos. Aphrodite and Dahlia are both fringed to perfection. These two henna designs will tie your look together no matter where you wear them.

Every look you work this summer will be made even better with a henna tattoo. We make it fun and easy to apply with just a few simple steps. If you want to wear a different design for every outfit, try one of henna body art kits where you can get up to 8 different sticker stencils with henna paste and coconut oil included. You’ll look like a goddess all summer long!

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