Truth Henna Stencil


Live your truth! If you love it, rock it! Find exactly what you're looking for in this sticker stencil set. Whether you need a planet to add to your galaxy of stars or a stand alone strawberry, we've got it for you here. Mihenna's Truth Stencil includes all of these small accent henna tattoos that you can try on for size:

  • Juicy Strawberry
  • Scrumptious Macaroon
  • Starry Saturn
  • Minimalist Cross
  • Familiar Mouse
  • All-Seeing Eye
  • Blossoming Flower

The truth is: creating a small accent henna tattoo is fast and simple when you have Mihenna's sticker stencils. Simply cut out the design you like, and stick it where you'd like. Evenly apply a layer of henna paste and allow it to dry between two and twelve hours. Finally, remove the sticker stencil, and with proper aftercare, your little henna tattoo can last up to two weeks. Now go rock your fresh tats!

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