Stellar Henna Stencil


No need to search the universe for a fashionable, modern henna tattoo design - Mihenna's Stellar Stencil is just what you're looking for. You are made from the same stuff as the stars, and you deserve to shine like one. We've brought the galaxy to you, and you can wear it as you please. A bracelet of star dust around your wrist? A shooting star behind your ear? The Milky Way across your shoulder? There's as many ways to show off your stellar style as there are constellations in the night sky.

Reaching for the stars is simple when you have Mihenna's Stellar sticker stencil. Our modern henna tattoo designs are easily applied by adhering the sticker stencil to your skin and coating it with henna paste. Once the henna paste has dried for two to twelve hours, the sticker can be removed to display your glimmering galaxy.

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