Henna Tattoos to Headline at Summerfest

Henna Tattoos to Headline at Summerfest

Who’s ready for the world’s largest music festival! Summerfest is coming up fast, starting June 26th and going through July 8th. Held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin alongside Lake Michigan every year since the 70s, Summerfest holds the Guinness Book of World Record title for the largest number of music fest attendees - 800,000 to 900,000 each year for the last 20 years. It’s the place to be this summer for music of all genres. Thomas Rhett is the headliner this year, bringing a country flair to the lineup, which includes other big names like Lionel Ritchie, Jason Aldean, Jennifer Lopez, Snoop Dogg, and fast-rising star Billie Eilish. Check out the full list of artists on the Summerfest website.

Plan Your Festival Outfit for Summerfest 2019

Dress for the Music Fest

Just as important as the music is your festival outfit. You want to stand out of the crowd, especially a crowd this size! Let’s plan the perfect ensemble for all those Summerfest selfies.

Step One - Weather.

Anyone in the Midwest knows how fickle the weather is day to day and even hour to hour. Be sure to check the local Wisconsin weather for the full duration you plan to be at Summerfest, and be prepared if the weather doesn’t quite stick to the schedule. A plastic poncho folds up nice and tidy in case of rain, and bringing an extra layer never hurt anyone.

Henna tattoos are always ready for any weather

Step Two - Theme.

Every good look has a unifying theme that ties it all together. What’s your inspiration for your festival outfit? The ever popular boho-chic? Throwback to a flower child? A modern take on a classic country girl? How about chic and fierce? Or maybe plain ole comfy and cozy? Whatever theme you decide to embody for this music festival, remember you’re always a goddess.

Step Three - Spotlight.

Once you have all of your pieces together to make up your chosen look, you need to put the spotlight on aspect. This will be your standout piece that catches everyone’s eye and makes them go “wow!” Our suggestion is, of course, henna!

There is a henna design for any theme you chose and will help you shine in the crowd. What would a young hippie be without her Flower Power? Chic is best matched with one of the henna stencils from our Bold Body Art Kit. There are plenty to choose from, whether you want to buy just one stencil or a whole kit to share with your friends. Adding a henna tattoo to your festival outfit is easier than ever with Mihenna’s sticker stencils. Check out our How to Apply page to learn how to become a pro DIY henna artist.

Add a Henna Tattoo to Your Music Fest Outfit

Step Four - Enjoy!

Now that you look utterly flawless in your weather-appropriate, perfectly-themed, henna-spotlighted music fest outfit, relax and enjoy the sounds of Summerfest 2019. After all that planning, you’ve earned it!

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