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The Bold Henna Kit


Stencils Included:


  • Ready-to-use henna cone (fills 6 - 8 designs)
  • One vial of coconut oil
  • Instructions for professional results

Our newest henna stencil body art kit is not for the faint of heart. We've put together our biggest, boldest pieces for you to wear from head to toe. This kit contains all of our favorite geometric designs that will appeal to both males and females. You'll be rocking rings, bangles, palm pieces, and statement henna tattoos with everything we have here. There's plenty to share or keep all for yourself.

Get started by cutting out a henna design and then press the sticker firmly to your skin. We've included fresh, pre-made henna paste so you can cover the stencils without any prep work needed. Allow the paste to dry between two to twelve hours and remove the stencil when ready. The provided coconut oil will help your new tattoo stay moisturized and last for up to two weeks. Now go show the world how bold you can be!

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