Flame Thrower Henna Stencil


A badass babe like you needs a badass tattoo - hold the pain. Henna temporary tattoos give you all the look with none of the pain, and when you shop with Mihenna, no mistakes either. The Flame Thrower henna stencil allows you to flawlessly create two sets of flame designs. Wear them together or separately. Maybe around your upper arm? Maybe straight across your collarbone? Placement is totally up to you!

To create a mistake-free, flaming henna tattoo, cleanse the spot you plan to place it and stick the adhesive stencil to your skin. Use our organic henna paste to fill in the stencil and allow it to dry for 2 hours. You can increase your dry time for richer and longer lasting color. Scrap off the dried henna with a paper towel and use coconut oil daily. During the first 24 hours, your temporary tattoo will darken in color, so avoid water. With your flaming henna tattoo ready to go, things are about to be lit.

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