The Perfect Beach Day Henna | Our Four Fave Styles

Girl on boat with henna tattoos

Summer is coming up, and your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs a revamp! So let your accessories run wild when you include henna designs into your style, along with all those floppy beach hats, gauzy kimonos, and chic jewelry.

At Mihenna, we have tons of stencil designs for every aesthetic – especially when it comes to summer fun and beach-loving bums. With our favorite summer designs for the perfect beach day, you can adorn yourself with something a little more unique this summer: long-lasting henna!

Swaying Palms

Palm henna stencil on forearm and henna cone filling in paste

Many people associate summertime and the beach with tall palms swaying in a gentle breeze. Whether you’re from California or Miami, you’re definitely used to these trees casting the shade you need to read your book on the sand. Inspired by our home state of Florida, this palm design is a large stencil that simply radiates summer vibes.

Apply the Palma stencil to your calf, forearm, bicep, or back and apply a thick coat of organic henna paste to ensure a stunning, earthy brown design. You can even wrap this sticky stencil around your wrist or ankle like a bracelet!

Surf the Waves

Waves henna tattoo on ankle

What’s time spent on the beach without dipping your toes in the refreshing feel of the water! Carry the salty sea with you wherever you go this summer when you choose the medium-size Waves henna stencil design from our modern stencil design collection. We love the look of this wave because the stippled drawing creates minimalist lines that are full of subtle detail. A huge cresting wave silhouetted by the setting sun is the perfect way to celebrate the freedom and joy you feel spending these warm months outside on the beach.

Sand Between Your Toes

Heart stencil with cone applying henna

Our Sand henna stencil set is actually a series of small designs that exude peace, love, and summer fun. Enjoy a collection of seven styles, including a blocky pyramid, paper plane, lotus flower, Cupid’s arrow, encircled heart, olive branch, and infinite arrow.

These tiny temporary tattoos are so small that you can fit them nearly anywhere! Place one behind your ear for a hidden secret, or draw them onto your wrists and ankles to showcase your feelings loud and proud. If you're feeling trendy, add them to the corner of your eye (carefully!) for a dramatic makeup style. Wherever you put the Sand henna designs, we’re sure you’ll love the way they look!

Sunshine Bright

Sun henna tattoo on girl's arm

The Sun henna stencils are another set that delivers a unique collection of styles to suit any aesthetic. Whether you want them all to yourself or you want to share them with your friends, this is the perfect stencil option for a henna party!

In addition to a blazing sun outline, the Sun henna set also comes with a cluster of glinting sparkles, a magic wand with a star on the tip, a three-star constellation, an open all-seeing eye, a lidded half-closed eye, and a tiny version of our perfect palm tree stencil. Which one is your favorite, and where will you put them all?

Why Stencil Henna?

While you can always apply henna freehand to create your own designs with one of our powdered henna kits, sometimes you want to minimize the risk of messing up with an easy-to-use stencil design. Our henna stencils stick straight onto your skin and stop any henna outline from bleeding through the sticker to ensure your designs look sophisticated and professional.

Our summer henna styles are generally simple silhouettes and outlines, but we also offer incredibly intricate stencil kits with Floral, Geometric, and Traditional henna designs that take your look to the next level! We promise head-turning results with any one of our stencil options!

Shop with Mihenna

Girl on beach with henna tattoo on hand

Our henna kits and products are designed to be safe for you and for the environment. As a USDA Organic Certified Company, we meet and exceed all standards to guarantee an organic and chemical-free product that’s suitable for adults, teens, and children.

We mix the powder from the Lawsonia inermis plant with fresh distilled water, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and sugar. And that’s it! Try our henna cones and stencils today to discover a paste that’s free from allergens and contaminants.

Other Summer Henna Ideas

If you’re wondering what else you can do with henna this summer, consider exploring hair dye with henna for a new temporary look that washes away in about a month. You can also experiment with our henna for freckles to achieve that bronzed, sunkissed look everybody loves!

For even more henna ideas, check out our blog today!

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