How to Throw a Henna Party

How to Throw a Henna Party

There’s nothing better than getting together with all of your besties for some grubbing, gossiping, and body arting. One get-together everyone will remember is your henna party! We’ll walk you through everything you need to throw a henna party that’s fun, festive, and super memorable.

Pick a Party Theme

Let’s take this henna party to the next level and tie everything together by selecting a theme. Drawing from the cultures where henna originated and is grown can make for beautiful visuals and delicious food options. A Bollywood-themed party requires a Shah Rukh Khan movie and maybe even time to learn some bhangra steps together. A Moroccan-influenced party means delicious lamb, couscous, and mint. Do a little research and find the inspiration best for your party.

Once you’ve selected a theme, choose some colors to use throughout the decor - brighter is better! Even little touches like color-coordinated napkins and table runners can make your guests feel like they have been transported to Arabia. Once everyone is covered in henna, there’s definitely going to be pictures. Plan for a selfie spot that features your theme and get the whole gang together for a photo op.

Set the Mood

Moroccan-themed henna party

If you’re drawing from Middle Eastern and South Asian influences for your henna party, consider draping fabric to create a cozy feel and great backdrop for pictures. This is also the time to break out the tea light candles, tin lanterns, and aromatic incense. But the best way to set the mood is through the music. Create a playlist that mirrors your party goals; whether it’s relaxed and low key or dancing the night away, the music is how you get your friends feeling the right kind of vibes.

This is a party to be pampered, so provide your guests with some comfort. A thick rug piled high with pillows, a cozy couch, or even a giant bed for everyone to pile onto make great places to relax while your henna dries. This is the perfect time to chat and catch up, play games like Truth or Dare, or even try to tell each other’s fortunes.

Don’t Forget the Food

Hosting a henna party gives you the opportunity to try lots of culturally-specific foods. Browse around for popular dishes from the country that is inspiring your theme. If you’re hands-on, try some recipes, or keep things simple by ordering from a local restaurant. If you’re having a more lowkey event, skip the main course and just focus on snacks and, of course, dessert. Either way, we recommend serving chai. Everyone will love a cup of smooth, creamy, and flavorful tea after eating.

Applying Henna Designs

Henna body art party

The main event we’re all here is for the body art. Applying henna together is a centuries-old tradition for bonding and celebrating. At Mihenna, we’ve updated the process so that while you are throwing a henna party, you can focus on the fun and friendship. Avoid the mess that comes with making your own henna paste. Cut the cost of hiring a professional. Forget the mistakes by untrained hands. Our henna tattoo kits have everything you need in one place, and our sticker stencils keep you from slipping up while creating your henna tattoo.

We’ve already put together kits for various types of parties likes bachelorette nights or kid’s birthday. You can also build your own kit by selecting the sticker stencils that are best for your guests. If you’re having a large gathering, we recommend picking up a few extra accessories so that no one has to wait too long for their turn. Everyone gets a chance to create their own body art and feel like a pro when the designs come out flawless. You can be sure this will be a henna party to remember! Time to make some memories!

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