5 Amazing Geometric Stencils Designs To Connect With Earth

5 Amazing Geometric Stencils Designs To Connect With Earth

A Geometric design is a design created using certain shapes, lines, and curves in periodic patterns. The geometric designs have great significance in the henna industry. This article will discuss the top 5 geometric stencils from Mihenna so you can quickly create stunning henna designs with ease.

1. Courage Henna Stencil

Courage Henna Stencil

Courage is not living without fear. It’s impossible to not be afraid of anything. The people and the circumstances around us scare us yet times. But, the real difference between a brave man and a coward lies in his attitude. Courage is being afraid inside but choosing to move forward anyway. You don’t realize how strong and brave you are until you get hit by life. To give you an extra push of confidence, Mihenna offers a courage stencil which you can tattoo anywhere on your body. Wrap this design around your wrist or ankle and remind yourself that there is no obstacle you can’t overcome if you choose to face it. This courage geometric shape stencil beautifully combines floral and geometrical designs into a unique traditional bracelet henna design.  

2. Hera Geometric Henna Stencil

Hera Geometric Henna Stencil

According to Greek Mythology, Hera is a goddess of women, marriage, and childbirth. She is the protector of women and resembles ultimate power and feminine energy. We created this Hera design to remind you of the hidden Hera inside you. May her power and courage be with you so you can protect your family from evil. You can get this geometric henna tattoo either on your ankles, wrist, or arm. Anywhere you tattoo this design, it shines bright and gives you a dominant presence.

3. Zena Henna Stencil

Zena Henna Stencil

Ideally designed to fit on your arm, leg, or back, Zena Henna Stencil is a bold design for those who want to do big. Buy this geometric henna design stencil from our Mihenna store, get the tattoo, and showcase to the world that you have created the most complicated design within minutes. The underlying message you give to the world is that anything in this world can be achieved when you are equipped with the right tools! If you want some inspiration, don’t forget to order this geometric stencil.

4. Ruma Geometric Stencil


Ruma is a unique geometric design with two triangles fringed with arrow-shaped decoration. You can cut out the design and rearrange different elements to suit your style. Once the henna design is created, if you can peel off the adhesive stencil carefully, you can use this geometric shape stencil to create several designs. While you can get the design anywhere you want, they look amazing on your legs as shown above.

5. Fauzie Henna Stencil

Fauzie Henna Stencil

Do you know how big this universe is? The universe is much bigger than you know or even imagine. Earth is less than a tiny speck in the universe. We are so deeply connected to this Earth and the Universe that there is a universe within us. Use this Fauzie stencil as an opportunity to connect with our Earth and universe. Whenever you feel lost, go inside and ask questions. The universe will guide you through and re-establish your connection with it. This Fauze geometric stencil will be your buddy along your spiritual journey.

How To Create The Best Henna Design Using Stencils?

  1. Wash your skin till it is free from dirt, oil, or grease, and then dry it.
  2. Peel off the adhesive and stick it on your skin and ensure that it is free from air bubbles.
  3. You can create your own henna paste at home. Use a Henna spatula to evenly spread a thick layer of henna paste and fill in all the minute details to get a beautiful design.
  4. Air dry the paste for 2-12 hours for a darker and long-lasting tattoo
  5. Remove the geometric stencil and clear the leftover henna paste using coconut oil and a paper towel.
  6. Avoid contact with water to retain the henna color. Moisturize your skin with coconut oil and avoid exfoliation.
  7. Wait for the next 24-48 hours for the color to reach its brightest intensity.
  8. Show off your henna design with pride.

Mihenna's Build your Own Henna Kit

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