Featuring the 5 Cute Henna Freckles Customer Reviews

Featuring the 5 Cute Henna Freckles Customer Reviews

Since the launch of Mihenna, our henna freckle kit has become a super hit among users. Boom! Over 7.8k henna freckles kits have been sold out to date. Shout out to all the gals who have chosen our natural henna beauty product over the earth-harming chemicals. Each customer will have a lot to say about our henna freckle kits. Yet, we keep it simple here to save you time. If you are still in doubt about whether to purchase this product or not, these 5 customer reviews will drive you through their journey of creating henna freckles for themselves.

1. Sarah Baker

“Absolutely incredible henna freckle kit and products!!! It truly works and I cannot wait to create more henna freckle looks!!! Highly recommend it!!! 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

A photo of Sarah Baker showing off her henna freckles made using the Mihenna’s henna freckle kit.
Sarah Baker with Mihenna henna freckle - Pic 2
Sarah Baker review of Mihenna henna freckle kit

2. Gianna Garlini

“It’s easy to apply and stays on over night. The freckles come out so naturally and I love it so much!”

Gianna Garlini with Mihenna henna freckles
Gianna Garlini review of Mihenna henna freckle kit

3. Lea Piedra

“It came out better than expected! This was my first time applying henna to my face but I was amazed at how naturally pigmented it got as hours past. I washed my face thoroughly before applying. I left the henna on my face for 7 hours and rubbed it off with my hands. It continued to darken so quickly. Definitely will buy again.”

A photo of Lea Piedra sharing her experience of getting henna freckles on face made from Mihenna’s henna freckle kit.
Lea Piedra review of Mihenna henna freckle kit

4. Francesca Spione

“Love Mihenna, it’s my 5th box in 6 months!
Love the henna freckles!”

A photo of Francesca Spione with her henna face freckles made with henna freckle kit from Mihenna.
Francesca Spione review of Mihenna henna freckle kit

5. Peppi Spannary

“The product was exactly what was promised and arrived very quickly! The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. The freckles have also stayed very well (:”

A picture of Peppi Spannary  talking about her experience with henna freckle kit from Mihenna.
Peppi Spannary review of Mihenna henna freckle kit

This is just the beginning. We haven’t taken off yet. Watch us rise to the top in the henna industry by creating iconic henna freckles for your gorgeous face. Want to try it for yourself? Order our henna freckles kit and become your own stylist.

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