Limited Edition Halloween Henna Kit

Limited Edition Halloween Henna Kit

Calling all witches! Our spookiest henna stencils are all together now through Halloween. Just in time to bring something a little extra to your look this year. 

Our henna tattoo kits are the most convenient way to henna. We make sure you don’t miss a thing by including each item you’ll need for a flawless henna tattoo. You’ll get our organic henna paste in a ready-to-use cone, our organic coconut oil for aftercare, our booklet of illustrated instructions, and pre-selected henna stencils designed with care by our team. For the limited edition Halloween Henna Kit, we’ve included designs that every solstice celebrator will love. 


One of our best loved stencils, the Sabrina henna design makes the ideal familiar. This large-sized stencil fits best on your arm or leg or even down the center of your back, but you can tattoo it any way you like. The final result will be an earthy, deep brown colored snake surrounded by symbols of mother nature. We love the flowing grace of this design and can’t wait to see how you wear it. 

Starry Eyes

Stay protected from the evil eye and look good doing it the two options available in our Starry Eyes henna stencil. Palm-sized, each of these designs can be placed wherever you want to make a statement. Share with a friend or make sure you're safe on all sides. Whether you prefer a more traditional look or a radiant burst of stars, we have you covered.


To fill in the gaps or just add a little flair, we’ve included the Dare henna stencil which includes seven mini designs. Perfect for sharing, these tiny tats will fit in anywhere and add some extra pop to any Halloween costume. Can we recommend the mushroom? 

Flame Thrower

Is there a Halloween costume that wouldn’t be improved by adding flames? We highly doubt it. The Flame Thrower henna stencil is designed with two lengths of fire that can run straight down your arm or be wrapped around your wrist to engulf it in flame. Anyway you choose to wear it, this henna tattoo is pure fire. 

Gothic Numbers

Anything that harkens back to the Gothic era just gives off Halloween vibes. We’ve made these number henna stencils in that classic style so you can rep any digits this Halloween. Whether it’s your birth year on your knuckles or the final touch to spell, these two sheets of Gothic Numbers provide lots of options. 

How to Use the Henna Kit

If this is your first time using henna, you don’t have to worry about your artistic skills or making mistakes. Every henna tattoo kit includes instructions with illustrations to walk you through every step, plus our pro tips. We want you to feel confident and beautiful throughout the whole process, so we’ve made henna art guess free and mistake free.

First the hard part - choosing which stencil and where you want to place it! 

When you’ve made your selection, cut out the design (if needed) and wash and thoroughly dry the place you plan to wear it. You want to remove any oil, lotion, or makeup that would create a barrier between your skin and the henna paste. 

Next, peel off the back of the henna stencil and press it in place. If you are going around a joint, we recommend cutting some slits into the black part of the stencil to help it bend. 

It’s time for the henna paste. You should place the henna cone in the freezer as soon as you receive it. Because all our ingredients are 100% organic, separation is natural. But you can keep the cone in the freezer for 3 months and still get a great looking stain. The night before you plan to henna, move the cone into the refrigerator. About 20 minutes before you henna (or while you are debating between designs), bring the cone out of the fridge to come to room temperature. 

Remove the pin from the tip of the cone and squeeze out any black henna that has oxidized already. When you get a rich brown color of henna paste, you are ready to apply. Apply a thick layer of paste to all the spaces of the stencil. You can use the provided wooden spatulas to fill in any gaps. 

Allow the henna paste to dry. After 20 minutes, it should be dry enough that you can move around without worrying about getting henna on anything else. For a good stain, you should leave the henna on for at least 2 hours. The longer the paste stays on, the richer and longer lasting the henna tattoo will be. 

When you are ready to see your new temporary tattoo, peel off the stencil. It will take most of the dried henna paste with it, but you can use the pink bottle of coconut oil to soften any remaining henna, making it easy to remove. You can continue to use the coconut oil to keep your skin moisturized, which will help the henna tattoo last even longer. 

Avoid submerging your henna tattoo in water for the next few hours, and in 24 hours, the color will reach full intensity - going from bright orange to deep brown. Remember to plan ahead if you want your henna tattoo to be fully ready in time for your Halloween party, and you’ll rock that costume contest!

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