Find Us at Urban Outfitters

Find Us at Urban Outfitters

Your favorite DIY henna tattoos are now available online at Urban Outfitters. Complete the look with stylish and easy-to-use henna designs. Every OOTD can be improved with a henna tattoo. 

The Urban Outfitters henna tattoo kit includes some of our coolest stencils along with our USDA-certified organic henna powder ready to mix with our custom blended organic essential oils. Then use the freshly-mixed henna with either a cone or an application bottle. The bottles come with multiple tips for different control over your henna. The illustrated instructions make the application process as smooth as our triple-sifted henna powder. You're just a few steps away from a cool, new, temporary tattoo. 

Our henna tattoo kits are made to be accessible for everyone, so they are perfect for beginners. If you've never created your own henna tattoo before, Mihenna makes sure you won't have to worry about mistakes or messes. We offer a variety of designs with adhesive backing, which provides the perfect template. When you peel off the stencil, a flawless henna tattoo is revealed! 

Next time you're shopping Urban Outfitters, grab a Mihenna kit to bring it all together.

Urban Outfitter's Henna Tattoo Kit by Mihenna
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