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  • Gothic Numbers Henna Tattoo Stencil before henna paste application
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Gothic Numbers Henna Stencil

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Whether you’re repping your generation or your zip code, Gothic Numbers is the way to do it. Our henna tattoo stencil lets you perfectly recreate this time-tested font as a temporary tattoo without any smudges, smears, or calligraphy classes. Gothic Numbers are bold and an ideal fit for your fingertips, knuckles, or along your wrist. However you want to wear them, whatever you want to create, do it with this cool, new henna design from Mihenna.

To create your own set of Gothic Numbers, first wash and dry the area you plan to apply your henna. Cut out the numbers you need, peel off the backing, and adhere the stencils to your skin. Cover the area with Mihenna’s organic henna paste and allow it to dry for 2 to 12 hours. Remove the stencil and use coconut oil to loosen any remaining henna paste and moisturize your skin. Allow the henna tattoo to darken for 24 hours and then show off your new digits.