How Henna Can Help Your Child Grow & Thrive

How Henna Can Help Your Child Grow & Thrive

Many people know henna as the Indian art of painting on the skin, but Mihenna believes in sharing this cultural experience with the world. Practicing henna with your kids can have tons of great benefits that will help them learn, grow, and thrive. If you’re curious about how henna can make a difference in your child’s life, and which kits are best for kids, we’re here to be your guide. Check out this blog from our Mehndi experts to learn more!

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1. Learn About Other Cultures

Is it important for your kids to know about a world outside of their own? What’s the importance of cultural diversity for young people? Studies show that sharing your culture and learning about other cultures can minimize stereotypes, enhance communication, overcome racial division, and enrich your life. Kids love learning about new and unique things, so providing them with an in-depth henna experience that introduces them to all aspects of this creative art form gives them a broader base of understanding, compassion, and experience.

When you plan a henna activity for your child, consider starting with a short explanation of the role it plays in Indian culture, what other parts of the world utilize henna, and what it means when you use it in your own life.

2. Practice Fine Motor Skills

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At its most basic level, henna is an art form. Most henna artists draw on the skin freehand, enhancing their fine motor skills even as adults. Practicing this type of coordination is essential for children, as well.

There’s a hierarchy for improving fine motor skills, from picking up and grasping larger objects to learning how to hold and use pens, markers, and pencils. Henna is a skill that can refine their movements even more, teaching children about finer control and even helping them practice hand-eye coordination. Eventually, henna can help children enhance their overall physical awareness, making it easier for them to move through the world.

3. Learn From Mess-Ups

Henna can be an intricate craft, especially if you’re drawing without a guide. Even with easy-to-follow stencils, you may still mess up your henna design and have to start over. Experiencing these obstacles as a child is an integral part of growing up.

Any mistake your child makes during your henna session is an opportunity to teach them that errors are normal. Allow them time to calm down and process, if they’re upset, and talk to them about how to deal with misunderstandings or obstacles in the future. You might even be able to illustrate how flaws can make something even more special and unique – teaching them that perfection is impossible even under the best circumstances. (Plus we have a few tips for clean up)

4. Bond with Your Family

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You want to take every possible opportunity to bond with your child, but sometimes, it can be challenging to find activities to keep everyone engaged and interested. With henna, you have another option for a fun, unique bonding session. You’ll build trust, help them develop their social skills, and encourage them to build their self-confidence.

Get everyone involved with henna kits that offer themes for every interest. Check out floral designs, mandala styles, geometric looks, and modern silhouettes to discover which ones you and your child like best. Make sure they’re enjoying the process and give them a sense of autonomy when you let them choose their own designs.

5. Develop Creativity

Because our henna kits come with henna cones in addition to stencils, you and your child have the chance to freehand custom designs with the extra henna materials. What do you think your child will imagine and invent on your skin? Providing them with inspiration in the form of stencils, as well as a blank slate, will jumpstart their imagination. Find out what they create when you order a powder kit that offers even more versatility with additional tips for different line thicknesses.

6. Experience Fun Summer Activities

Summer can be long when your kids spend the entire time bored and grumpy because they have nothing to do. If you need to create a schedule to keep them active, henna is a great way to fill in the days. You can customize their henna experience depending on how much time you have. Dedicate the entire day to mixing, drawing, and drying or fill up just a few hours with our pre-made henna cones and stencils that are ready to go!

Kids summer henna activity

Start Shopping!

Mihenna products offer you more versatility and flexibility than ever. Whether you want to customize your stencil kit, buy just a henna cone, or mix your henna from scratch, we can accommodate anything you want! Explore our entire store today and shop just what you need for your henna experience.

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