How To Make Henna For Your Next Henna Tattoo Party?

Henna For Your Next Henna Tattoo Party

Whether it’s an Indian wedding season, a posh western bachelorette party, or a casual friends hangout, a henna party is a must-have on your events list. The best way to celebrate any festival with your dearest ones is to throw a quick henna tattoo party. Are you wondering what this henna party is all about? Let’s get deeper into the henna-themed party, its cultural significance, and how it’s celebrated:

What Do You Do At A Henna Party?

Henna party

A bridal henna party, popular as a Mehndi party, is a night of fun, food, music, and many dances. Hosting a henna tattoo party at your home gives you an opportunity to make the best moments with your loved ones. Don’t forget to make all the necessary arrangements beforehand so you don’t have to run after anything while others are having a big bash at your home. Everyone who attends the henna night theme party gets a henna tattoo and shows off their style with creative henna designs. The henna tattoo takes up to 48-72 hours to reach its full intensity after application. Thus, a henna party is hosted at least 2-3 days before the wedding event for the bride to shine the brightest in henna. Since it is a get-together event, you need thorough planning to avoid spoiling things at the last minute.

How Do You Plan a Henna Party?

Henna tattoo party has great cultural significance in the regions of India, Arabic countries, and other parts of the west. It is popularly known as the henna bachelorette party when celebrated by to-be brides. The henna bachelorette party usually will have a limited guest list. If you have a long list, you should make sure that the venue of the henna party has enough room to accommodate all the guests and their dances. Anyone who is going to attend the henna theme party should put on comfortable wear with shorter sleeves so that the henna tattoo doesn’t stain your clothes and you can sit for a longer time till the tattoo is dried. While the henna may take some time to dry, be prepared to sing, dance and participate in entertaining activities. Wear bright colors and suitable jewelry to shine bright on the henna night. If possible, give a dress code to your guests depending on the party theme.

How Long Is A Bachelorette Party?

It depends upon where you want to host the pre-wedding celebration party, the number of guests attending, and their availability. The single-night bachelorette party usually lasts for about four-five hours long. While single-night bachelorette parties and weekend celebrations are the most popular options, you don’t have to choose one among them. Many brides-to-be slip away with their best buddies for a weeklong trip to celebrate the bachelorette party in their favorite destinations.

What Should You Have At A Bachelorette Party?

The tradition of bachelorette parties is to celebrate your last few pre-wedding days with your favorite people. A typical henna bachelorette party includes dining at excellent restaurants, relaxing on beaches, and pools, fast hiking, a day out with besties, or hopping a bar for drinks and dances. Regardless of where you are planning your bachelorette party, there are endless accessories you can have at the party to embrace your last few moments of singledom. So, to help you with the best henna party ideas, we have picked up a few essentials to prepare you for the epic day:

1. Sash & Crown 

Irrespective of the type of your dress, put on this cute squash to distinguish yourself as the bride-to-be when you are hanging out with your squad. Shine in your best look with the sash and crown on you.

2. Decor 

Henna party decor

If you are a bridesmaid or someone who wants to prepare the most beautiful bachelorette suite, henna party decor items is something you can’t miss. To make it more memorable, you can add the cutouts of the bride’s best pictures, her partner's photos along with some cute pictures of the bride with her bridesmaids.

3. Henna Kit

Henna party decor

Now is the time to decorate for true happiness. Whether you want to celebrate your bachelorette at home or out of the station, a henna tattoo party is the perfect solution. Grab our Mihenna’s Bachelorette Party Henna Kit, and you will receive all the henna essentials with the kit. You can set the mood with tea-light candles, tin lanterns, aromatic incense, and energetic music. Create a playlist that reflects your party goals. Henna tattoo party offers the right opportunity to let you try out plenty of culturally-specific foods.

Mihenna’s Bachelorette Party Henna Kit

Henna party wedding

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on readymade henna powders, making an organic henna paste at home will help you make the most of your bachelorette evening while ensuring safe application. The process of making henna is made accessible to everyone with our Mihenna. We are a USDA-certified company manufacturing pure organic henna made of 100% organic ingredients, free from chemicals and artificial preservatives. You can store the paste in the freezer for up to 3 months. The henna tattoo party kit contains several stencils, each with unique henna designs. With a henna stencil, you can create stunning henna tattoos like a Pro. If you have some henna left over after the party, you can try henna freckles and look trendy. Happy Henna Partying!

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