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Bachelorette Party with Organic Henna Tattoos

It's finally wedding season! After a year and half of waiting, the invites are flooding in, and we couldn't be more excited for all the new brides out there! Mihenna wants to help you celebrate with our Bachelorette Party Henna Kit. It was hard coming up with bachelorette party ideas during Covid outbreaks, but now that you can be with all your vaccinated friends again, what could be better than becoming works of art together?

Traditional Bridal Henna

Mihenna is an Indian-owned small business, so we draw our inspiration from the traditions we were raised with. A couple days before a traditional Indian marriage, all of the women come together to celebrate the bride-to-be and beautify her for her wedding day. There's food, singing, games, some good-natured jokes, and of course hours and hours of henna. 

The bride is covered in intricate henna designs from her fingers to halfway up her arms and from her calves to the tips of her toes. In order to dry without smudging any of the artwork, she sits gingerly as her sisters and friends feed her snacks and entertain her with stories and songs. 

Two women applying henna tattoos

There are usually multiple henna artists working on the bride's designs, while even more apply tattoos to all of the guests - though on a much smaller scale. The earthy henna smell is almost as strong as the smell of spices drifting in from the kitchen. It's truly a time of rejoicing and preparing the young woman for her next steps in life.

On the day of the wedding, the henna tattoos will have reached peak intensity with a deep brown color dancing up the bride's hands. In every symbol, she'll see the wishes of happiness, peace, and prosperity from her friends and family. The bride will begin her new life literally covered in love.

Mihenna's New Style

Peeling off stencil to reveal henna tattoo

We love this tradition, but we also know it doesn't always work for modern weddings - not to mention most of us don't have years of experience as henna artists. That's why we took a new approach to a beloved experience. 

Mihenna started with the idea of making henna tattoos accessible for everyone. Our founder, Shalina, designed each stencil herself - drawing on the traditional symbolism found in Indian henna art and slowly incorporating designs from other cultures that use henna (plus some of our favorite modern designs!). 

We worked hard to make sure our henna paste is safe for your skin. We went through the certification process with the USDA so that when we say organic, we mean it. We tweaked our henna recipe until we got the perfect combination for dark, long lasting tattoos that don't dry out your skin. 

And we put all of these creations into easy-to-use henna tattoo kits to make sure you don't forget a thing. Our illustrated instructions walk you through every step towards gorgeous henna. You become the artist and the art.

People ask us why we created accessible henna, and the answer is we want everyone to feel as beautiful and joyful and loved as we did on our wedding days. Henna is an art we want to share with anyone who's interested.

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Whether you are looking for bachelorette party ideas you can do at home or planning to glam up before going out, henna tattoos are the perfect answer. They provide a fun group activity, a beautification, and plus do you even need to find party favors? Your guests will be wearing them!

Henna Kit Contents

If you're in charge of planning a unique bachelorette party, bring in a fun twist on the traditional with the Bachelorette Party Henna Tattoo Kit. It's twice as big as our other kits to make sure you have enough for everyone in your party.

Here's what's included:

  • 2 USDA-certified organic henna cones (30 grams each)
  • 15 of our favorite adhesive stencils
    • Blossom, Camellia, Dahlia, Haley, Jasmine, Karma, Opal, Passion Fruit, Palma, Pearl, Rose, Sabrina, Starry Eyes, Yang, & Yin
  • 2 vials of coconut oil
  • 9 henna spatulas
  • Instructions for professional results

What else you'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Paper towels
  • Tape
  • Newspaper (to cover the table)

Party Planning

Every good bachelorette party needs some prep work, and a henna bachelorette party is no different. Here's some tips to make sure the bride-to-be has the best time:

You'll want to store the henna cones in the freezer until the night before the big bash - then move them to the fridge. As your guests start arriving, set the cones out to reach room temperature and be more malleable. Each cone will fill at least 8 stencils, so you should have leftover paste if you want to try some henna freckles.

Use the scissors to help the stencils have the best fit. Adding some slits will allow you to bend around joints and trimming off the corners can get rid of any overhang. 

Make sure everyone has a paper towel. You'll want them to set the henna cones down on those instead of your furniture. If you end up needing any help with stains, check out our Secret Henna Tips blog post

You can also use the paper towel and tape to wrap up the henna tattoos as they set. Wait about 20 minutes so the paste is not wet any more, and then gently cover the area with a paper towel and tape in place. Don't press too hard, but this should help your guest avoid smearing anything.

Set the Scene

Henna Bachelorette Party Photoshoot

If you really want to bring in the Indian traditions, we've got some ideas to help you create just the right environment!

Pillows! You don't have to worry about seating when you let everyone lounge on the floor with blankets and pillows. Kick back, relax, and let everyone get comfortable. 

Pick your favorite Bollywood movie. You can leave it playing in the background for ambiance or have everyone learn some dances. This is a great way to break the ice if some of your partygoers don't know each other.

Order from your favorite, local Indian place. Samosas and pakoras make a great snack for everyone to munch on as they mingle. And no get-together would be complete without chai. Hot or iced, we love it all!

Henna Tattoo Aftercare

Closeup of hands with henna tattoos

The longer your henna tattoos can dry, the darker and longer lasting they will be. But we know the bride-to-be has places to go and celebrations to have, so you can remove the paste after 2 hours and still have good-looking designs. 

Peel off the henna stencil, which will take most of the dried paste with it. Use the provided coconut oil to not only moisturize your skin but also loosen the remaining henna paste. Wipe it off with a clean, dry paper towel.

Avoid getting your new tattoos wet for the next 4 to 5 hours. The dye will continue to set over the next 24 hours, developing from a bright orange to a deep brown. By moisturizing daily, you can help maintain the henna tattoo for up to two weeks. 

The more you swim, exfoliate, or spend time in the sun, the faster your henna will fade. But who wants to stop doing those things?? Just apply more henna!

And the most important part of henna bachelorette party aftercare: take lots of pictures! Once everyone is decked out in stunning henna tattoos, it's the perfect time for a photoshoot with the bride-to-be and everyone who loves her. 

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