Top DIY Henna Flower Design To Look Beautiful This Eid

Top DIY Henna Flower Design To Look Beautiful This Eid

About Eid-ul-Fitr

Eid-ul-Fitr, a widely-celebrated holy festival of Muslims, is right around the corner. In this article, we have picked up some graceful & glamorous henna flower designs for you to try this Eid. The festival is said to be a celebration of spending a successful month of fasting, worshiping, and preventing oneself from all kinds of negativity. It’s the best time to shower your respect and love on Allah. It is widely believed that on this day, Prophet Muhammad received the first revelation of the Holy Quran during the month of Ramadan. The Eid-ul-Fitr celebration includes a lavish feast with delicious sweets, colorful attire, and gatherings of friends & family at home. Everyone comes under one roof to embrace each other’s presence with love and respect. Besides delicious food and heartwarming costumes, henna will elevate your happiness.

henna cone

Henna has been widely used in South Asia, Africa & parts of the Middle East for over 5000 years. Henna is known for its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-hemorrhagic properties. The botanical name of the henna plant is Lawsonia Inermis, whose leaves have natural staining properties on hair & skin. Henna is more than just pretty swirling designs. Traditionally, henna painting is considered ‘barakah’ or ‘spiritual blessings on the skin,’ which is applied in Muslim wedding ceremonies. In Afghanistan, henna is called by the name Kheena. According to the Afghan tradition, henna is said to bring good luck and happiness and is thus used on many occasions, such as weddings, Eidul Fitr, Eidul Adha, and Shabe-e Barat.

While men wear timeless kurtas or sherwanis, women dress in ethnic attires like lehengas, shararas, etc. Eid mehndi is believed to be a crucial part of celebrations. Women in the house get appealing mehndi designs a day before the festival. For festivals like Eid, we can find several mehndi artists in the shopping regions surrounded by women and little girls who want mehndi to put on their hands and feet for the festival. But, do you know, you can become your own henna artist this Eid and ace the designs like a pro, even without expertise? Mihenna makes it happen for you. We will offer a readymade henna powder kit with all the mehndi essentials, along with henna stencils that help you create any complex henna designs with ease.

Henna Flower Designs To Try This Eid

Without any delay, let’s look at the popular DIY henna designs to look stunning this festive season:

1. Lovely Henna Flower Designs Backhand

Henna Flower Designs

If you want a beautiful floral henna that looks perfect with your ethnic wear, the henna design backhand gives the best look to you. Elaborate patterns on the back of your hand to make your fingers look tall.

2. Classic Henna Ramadan Design

Henna Ramadan

If you want an attractive henna design backhand that is less exaggerated, a simple Ramadan design is what you should choose. Draw a crescent moon decorated with a hanging lantern and stars to celebrate the Eid Mubarak festival. Including additional dots, text, and curves, can make the design elegant and intriguing.

3. Magnificent Mandala Henna Designs

Mandala Henna

Mandala art is a sacred design with a center point from which the design extends out in radial symmetry. Traditionally, the mandala symbolizes unity and harmony. The intricate shapes and fine details of mandala art may seem heavy and complex to draw for beginners. If you are a first-timer, we are here to help you create even the most complex mandala design using our henna design stencils kit.

4. Beautiful Netted Pattern

Netted Pattern

Also known as Jaal Mehndi, the henna netted designs are one of the easiest henna designs to draw. Couple the netted pattern with simple mehndi designs to make them even prettier.

5. Half-Moon Mehndi Designs

Half-Moon Mehndi

Put on this graceful half-moon design on your backhand and shine bright this Eid festival. Make your own henna paste fresh at home and apply it for the best results. The henna paste can be stored in a freezer for up to 3 months. Thus, any leftover henna you have can be saved for future use.

6. Leafy Henna Designs On Feet

Leafy Henna Designs On Feet

Feet connect your mind, body, and soul to the sacred earth. Thus, they have to be embraced with love and self-care. And Ornamental henna designs on feet are the best ways to amplify the beauty of your feet using henna intricate designs. These designs are not too complex or simple, yet they are perfect for any occasion, especially Eid.

7. Henna Ankle Designs

Are you bored of wearing anklets? Want to try something new and elegant? Henna ankle design is the solution. Let the elegant and intricate designs curl around your ankles to reach the toe. It gives you a vibrant and attractive look on your ankles.

8. Geometric Henna Designs

Geometric & intricate henna designs cover your hand way better than other designs, whether on the fingers, wrist, or upper side of the palm.


You can pick up simple henna flower designs and mix them with traditional Indian designs for beautiful and unique designs. You can include Ramadan words in an orate, crescent moon, and other elements on your backhand henna designs or wrist henna designs that symbolize the month of Ramadan. When you want to shine brightest in henna this Eid, we recommend you apply henna two to three days before Eid. It is because henna takes about 48-72 hours to reach its full-color intensity on the skin. Mihenna is always ready to help you get the best look in henna art. Thanks for Reading!

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