Henna for Kids

Henna tattoos are the perfect indoor activity for your children. They can take pride in creating their own temporary tattoos and wear them as a badge of honor for weeks to come. With Mihenna, you don’t have to worry about mishaps or smeared artwork thanks to our adhesive stencils. Learn more about this fun, safe experience for your kids.

Organic Henna Paste

When it comes to keeping your family safe, we have your back. We only use organic henna leaves combined with our unique recipe of all-natural ingredients to create a paste that is safe for your little ones’ skin. Adding lemon, sugar, and eucalyptus oil to our henna paste makes the color rich and beautiful as well as long-lasting. With proper care, your henna tattoos will stay beautiful for two weeks.

You can find our henna paste for sale individually or as part of our all-inclusive henna tattoo kits.

Smudge-Free Henna Stencils

Family with Henna StencilsLittle hands can still create perfect henna tattoos with our adhesive stencils. Let them pick out the design they want - we have everything from traditional styles to modern mini tats - and stick the stencil to their freshly-washed arm or hand. Reduce the mess and get flawless results even if they have trouble holding still. As a tip, once the henna dries enough to appear crunchy, wrap the area in plastic wrap so your kid can run around without leaving a trail of crumbs.

Again, we have henna stencils available individually or as part of our kits where you can choose your own designs or go with the ones we’ve pre-selected.

Henna Tattoo Kits for Kids

Girl with Mihenna Tattoo KitWe’ve put together the perfect kit to create a fun, indoor activity for your kids. Our Tween Henna Kit includes everything you need - a cone of ready-to-use, organic henna paste, a vial of coconut oil for aftercare, 8 henna stencils your kids will love, and a set of instructions to guide you through. Your whole family will have so much fun together creating their own body art!

If you need a little something just for mom, check out our Henna Freckle Kit to make your own summer beauty or choose two of your favorite stencils just for you.

Learn about India

Creating henna tattoos is a great way to bond together, work on motor skills, and to foster their creativity. You can even turn this activity time into a lesson about how other cultures use henna. As an Indian-owned business, we’ve grown up wearing henna during weddings and festivals. Each of the symbols incorporated into the henna design has meaning from expressing part of yourself to wishing for good things in the future. Brush up on the history of henna before starting this activity with your kids to keep the conversation eye-opening as they get hands-on.

Young Girl with Henna Tattoos

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