How Can Mihenna Help Henna Artists Earn Better ?

How Can Mihenna Help Henna Artists Earn Better ?

So, you want to become a henna artist? Working as a professional in this field offers plenty of opportunities to explore your creativity & achieve fulfillment at emotional and financial levels. If you have here to read this article, we assume you want to become a henna artist or look for ways to improve. Before we discuss anything, Cheers to you! For choosing this field. And we are more excited to be a part of your journey. As an aspiring henna artist, you might be facing challenges with finding quality henna paste or curious about what it takes to be a henna artist professionally. This is a friendly guide for you to become a henna artist & how Mihenna can help you become a better artist on the go.

About Henna

There is a plant named Lawsonia Inermis whose leaves have color-staining properties besides various medicinal benefits. When the plant leaves are dried and crushed, you get an organic henna powder. When you mix this powder with sugar, water, and essential oils like lavender tea-trees, etc., the binding properties of the powder are improved, leading to a curd-like henna paste. This henna paste is then applied to get a reddish-brown color on the skin. Being derived from nature, this organic henna powder is free from any harmful chemicals and is safe to use on hair & skin.

Mihenna Henna Powder Packet

Readymade henna powders generally available in the market are full of chemicals and artificial additives. They claim to offer better color and longer shelf life. But when you hear from henna companies claiming to provide stunning colors & most extended shelf lives, run away as fast as you can! Artificial henna powders contain harmful chemicals that can irritate your customers and may even lead to allergies & skin cancer in the worst case. Apart from staining, henna has many benefits for your hair & skin.

Who is A Henna Artist?

A Henna artist is skilled in creating unique patterns on the skin using henna. Initially, henna was mainly available in India, the Middle East, and the Central Parts of Africa. But, it has gained more popularity in the West in recent years due to its medicinal uses and staining properties. As a result, the demand for henna artists is rising worldwide. Becoming a henna artist can be tempting, but here is a catch. There is no room for messing up things in the henna profession, especially when clients are on board. Though it is not a permanent tattoo, customers expect your work to be highly artistic and accurate. Learning, practicing, and applying is the key to becoming a successful henna artist. We recommend you try henna designs on paper first and then on yourself so you learn the importance of using safe henna paste and accuracy in art making. Here are some of the things to consider as a henna artist:

Things To Note As A Henna Artist

1. Learn About Henna

Education is the first step. Learn about the history of henna, its importance, side effects, if any, etc. A natural henna paste has an earthy smell. If you observe any artificial fragrance, understand it contains chemicals and throw it away. In the market, you can find different henna varieties, like black henna, instant mehndi, color henna, fast-dry henna, etc.. Are they safe? No, definitely, not. They are full of chemicals & artificial preservatives which can have severe effects on your customer’s skin and hair. Make sure you check twice before using. One way to provide a safe henna experience to your customers is by using organic henna powder. Can’t find the original organic henna powder? Mihenna can help you. We offer organic henna powder in packet form extracted directly from the plant, so everything here is 100% natural.

Mihenna Henna Powder & Henna Paste Cone

2. Educate Your Customers

They have the right to know what’s in it that you’re selling. One of the primary responsibilities of a henna artist is to educate people about the type of henna you use and ensure henna safety for clients. A well-informed customer will know how fresh and natural powder is prepared. They will learn that what you have is of the best quality and, thus, return for more. Trust us; your honesty and quality make you stand out among the competitors.

3. For Beginner Henna Artists

Mihenna Henna Powder Kit With Stencils

Mihenna lets you explore multiple styles of henna designs to help you discover your unique style. If you are learning henna art, you can start with a ready-to-use henna tattoo kit and progress over time. We offer henna stencils with pre-defined designs that you can stick to the skin, fill the henna paste, and get the design. With henna stencils, you learn how to place different tattoos, how much pressure to apply while holding the henna cone, how much time to dry, and other techniques to achieve a long-lasting henna stain. Mihenna provides henna stencils where you can stick the stencil onto the customer’s hand, apply the henna paste, let it dry for some time, and peel off the stencil on the go. With the henna stencil, you can create any kind of complex design with ease. You also have the liberty to cut different stencils and combine them to obtain a unique design according to the customer's requirements.

4. Practice is the key

Once you have practiced enough with henna stencils, you can comfortably create free-hand henna designs. And the best way to start is through a henna freckle kit. The kit contains an already-made henna cone and coconut oil for moisturizing skin after removing henna. If you are still not confident about creating designs freehand, you can practice on paper using the cone. We also provide applicator bottles so you can create very thin lines with ease.

5. Make Your Own Henna Paste

How To Make Henna Paste With Mihenna”s Organic Henna Powder

With a ready-made henna cone, you can explore the world of henna and create unique designs. Once you have mastered the art and are ready, you can create your own henna paste from scratch. Order our henna powder kit, and you get all essentials to make henna paste. While making the henna paste, use essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, etc., to improve the binding properties of henna while enhancing your skin health. At Mihenna, you can buy essential oils in different quantities of 5 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 60 ml, and 120 ml.

6. Post-Henna Application

As the henna application completes, you have to give them specific instructions to follow to obtain the best henna results. Please note that it may take up to 48-72 hours for the henna to reach its full-color intensity. Applying coconut oil as soon as you remove the henna so the color remains intact. Refrain your customers from heavy activities like washing dishes, shampooing, etc., to avoid losing the henna color.

7. For Wedding & Other Occasions

Mihenna Henna Bachelorette Party Kit

Traditionally, henna has significant importance in weddings and other festival occasions. It is mainly used as a pre-wedding ritual in Indian and Arabic countries and a bachelorette party in Western countries. If you can create elegant & innovative wedding designs, assume you have a glorious career ahead as a henna artist. Our bachelorette party kit will help you throw an unforgettable pre-wedding party to treat your friends with the most stunning henna designs.

8. When Dealing With Kids

Mihenna’s Kids Henna Kit with Stencils

Be extra careful when applying to kids. They are sensitive and more prone to allergies and infections. Learn about their existing skin allergies and do a patch test for confirmation. You can buy our kids henna kit, which is safe for kids & made exclusively for them. But, a patch test will rule out any further doubts. Even if you are not a henna artist, you can order our henna kits and create henna designs using our henna stencils for your next party.


The ingredients of organic henna are natural, so they tend to separate physically after a while. Thus, the shelf life of organic henna powder is limited and can be stored in a freezer for up to three months after the henna paste is made. You can use the henna powder packet if you haven’t opened it when required. You can use a build-your-own henna kit to experiment with multiple designs using henna stencils and create unique henna art. Hope this article has been a friendly guide to start your henna artist journey. For any henna-related queries or suggestions, please connect with us.

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